Sunday, January 26, 2014

Healthy Lifestyle Challenge Update

It has been one cold winter here in the midwest--and  for most of the country as well. Those of you in the warmer climates probably cannot imagine cold that seeps through every crack in your house and settles into your bed at night. Or going outside to drag your trash receptacles to the curb and returning to your house 3 minutes later feeling as if your face has frozen off.

This is 'bad' Pep speaking right now. Yes, I failed my challenge to walk the garage stairs each evening. I refuse to make excuses just because it was minus 6 degrees on several of those days. No excuses. Well...having negative temperatures is a true deterrent for staying outside longer than necessary and I suppose it's probably acceptable.

But in an attempt to follow through with my commitments to myself--I will be extending my challenge through this next week. This includes taking the stairs during work hours in the relative warmth of my office building. I hear the temperatures should stay in or above the twenty degree range next week. I can do this!

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