Monday, January 6, 2014

Mini Rant of the day...

While taking my mom grocery shopping to prepare for this Herculean storm I was reminded at how thoughtless people can be. The grocery store is totally packed and people are pushing big carts up and down aisles--which is what you're supposed to do. However you are not supposed to stop in the middle of a walkway, leave your cart in the way without moving it to the side and then going off to examine something or other.

I saw that happening so many times that I was just in awe at how myopic people are. There are 10 carts behind you waiting to get by and you just mosey off leaving your pile of crap in the middle of the aisle...

Or...those rude people that just stand there holding conversations with each other while people are obviously waiting to get around. Do you know how tempted I am to clip them with my shopping cart the way Juicy did? Also, it is still courteous to say excuse me or thank you. Don't you hate when you know that someone sees you trying to get by and they don't move until you say excuse me and then they look all clueless and apologetic. Yes, sometimes we zone out but sometimes...well sometimes people are just assholes.


  1. I know what you mean Pepper. As a fellow Ohioan, I was shocked the way everyone was freakin' out. I mean we live in Ohio, we have bad winters, we have snowstorms! Everyone was acting like we live in Florida and suddenly got this weird weather system. A lady collapsed at Kroger in the aisle and some a-hole complained that he couldn't get what he needed from that aisle because paramedics were working on her! What the hells happening to society as a whole? Sorry, guess it is Mini Rant Monday.

  2. Hello Pepper,
    I forgot that you live in Ohio, please take care and family. Thank you Bain

  3. I feel you Pepper, oh how I feel you. I think people do see you., but inhale, exhale, inhale. Society is really going to hell in a hand basket, imo For those carts left in the center, I think people should start shopping from them.


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