Friday, July 1, 2011

Urban Vampire Missing Chapter

Not sure how it happened but Urban Vampire pt 1 is missing an entire chapter. After chapter 8 where Kim turns into a holy vessel and demands to confront Alexis in order to be allowed to save Tige , it leaps to chapter 9 where she is recuperating at the beach with Alexis.

You guys missed the torture? You missed the wrath of Alexis when he lost it on Kaniji upon finding out that she had risked Kim's life? Paul returned to tell her goodbye! Her torture was the catalyst to drive Paul to discover a way to become so powerful that he could always protect the woman he loved. Well why in the hell didn't you guys say anything???

I'll post it here now and it will be added to Literotica soon.

Urban Vampire Chapter 8.5

Urban Vampire Chapter 8.6

Blogger would not allow me to squeeze both chapters into one post...


  1. i just thought i was stupid. I feel better now.

  2. I remember just trying to figure out what happened with Paul I can put some things into perspective.

  3. I really love this story. I'm going to read it all over again. Can you please continue this story? Pretty please.

  4. If you really cared about us, your fans, you would strongly consider continuing this story. .

    Is the guilt trip working?

  5. I can't view the link it says not invited to read?? ��


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