Saturday, July 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse, RIP

Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London flat from a suspected drug overdose. She was 27.  I've been sitting at my computer for a minutes trying to think of something to say and the thing that keeps coming to mind is why do so many talented people allow drugs to rule their lives? 

Do we think that we are supermen and women, who won't allow drugs to beat us? I've seen what drugs can do to a person...just in my own personal life and I don't understand even taking that first hit. 

Or is there just a self destructive mechanism in us that makes us not care? I think that is exactly what it is for so many people, both average and famous. And I think that is what it was for Amy Winehouse. I didn't really know her music, but I think I'd like to take a listen. 


  1. Although it's not an excuse, but sometimes that's the only thing that will deaden the pain. Something it's the only thing to make your mind stop, and as fleeting as the peace and quiet is it feels so good. This is not a justification, just one of many explanations. I just hope her soul is finally at peace.

  2. You are right, Anonymous. People use the very thing that will only compound their problems to deaden their pain. I too hope she is at peace.

  3. I recommend "Tears Dry on Their Own" and "Fuck Me Pumps."

    RIP Amy. You will be missed. I was hoping for some sort of comeback.

  4. She was an uniquely talented artist and it is an unfortunate way to leave this life as difficult and as futile as it often seems to be in our worst moments. A restless spirit rarely finds peace...maybe in the next world.

  5. When I came online I was shocked. I could believe it but wow, I didn't really see it coming. I went online to facebook and saw that my friend commented on her death by saying this: 'Now Amy Winehouse is part of the 27 club.' And she explains that the 27 club is just, "Musicians that died at age 27. Jimi hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim morrrison, kurt cobain, brian jones, and now Amy Winehouse."
    And it was kinda eerie that so many well known musicians died at this particular age. It is definitely sad.


  6. Unholy War is my fav song. She was soulful and talented. Her voice was like no other and it is just sad that she wasted her talent.

  7. I like a few of her songs, You know I'm no good is one of my favorites and back to black is another. I feel kinda weird listening to rehab now, but I still like the song

  8. I LOVE her music, and was deeply saddened to hear that she'd passed away. It's so sad to see people saying such harsh things about her because of the way that she lived her life, and I'm glad that you and your fans don't seem to have that feeling here. She had demons, and they ultimately claimed her life and her talent. I was anxiously awaiting her third album because it just seems like she wasn't done yet. I do hope she finds the peace in death that eluded her in life.

    My absolute favorite is 'Wake Up Alone' from 'Back to Black' but I'd recommend just listening to the song, because the performances that I found really didn't do it justice.

    It's such a shame.

  9. The problem with drugs is human stupidity. I can stop at any often do addicts say that. As for the rich and famous in my humble opinion if they are dumb enough to get hooked than they get what they get. Its not that I'm unsympathetic towards people with problems its they brought it upon themselves and only then can choose to solve them.


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