Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kat Von D...what were you thinking????

Kat Von D was dating Jesse James. WAS being the operative word. Old friends fell in love, became a couple and then got engaged. During this time Kat decided to honor the man she loved in a very important tattoing his FACE on her body. The problem is, they broke up. Now Kat has a broken heart and an ugly tattoo of a fourth grader stuck to her armpit! 

I believe in beautiful expressions of love, and for the most part I love tattoos but I can not express how much I'm against tattoing names on your body! I don't even like seeing young women tattoo their kid's names on themselves. I saw a girl that had proudly placed her son's name on her boob...well guess what? That girl had a whole bunch more kids and the list of names on her tit was not pretty! 

When you memorialize someone that has passed away that's different. For me, it is a tribute that is meant to bring that person closer to yourself. Keep in mind that I'm only giving you my opinion here. I certainly would have never gone up to Kat and said, "Girl, are you crazy?" Hmmm....actually Jessie James said that to her face when he saw the ugly picture of himself. Let's analyze the video, shall we?

First, you can tell that Jesse already knows that this is not going to be good. His vibe is like DOH...Kat is all giddy like a hyper geek. Maybe I'm in mean mode but that voice of hers would make me break up with her too. Anyways, she lifts up her arm and VOILA...the ugliest picture of yourself in all history! Jesse's lack of comment was the second indication that this was a badddddd move. Also, is it me? But can't you almost read his mind and it's saying, "Shit...this is going to make that break up I'm planning that much harder on her..."  Anyway, I like to think that she wouldn't have been acting so...strangely excited...had she not realized herself that this was really a bad idea.

Kat explained that the reason she did it is because she knew that he'd had an unhappy childhood. She wanted to acknowledge that period of his life and turn it around by placing a picture of him as a child on her body. For a person whose body is a canvas, the sentiment is beautiful. For a woman that had Nikki Sixx tattoed on herself and then they later broke up...well it was just a dumb move.

I hope she put it in special ink that won't hurt so much to have it removed, and I'm happy its on her armpit. And yeah, even though I'm criticizing her right now, I do like her. I like her enthusiasm. I like her honesty and her cool vibe and her talent. And she is 29, this is just another life lesson. If I could, I would tell her that love is fleeting and because it takes two, you can not predict your lover's mind or change of heart, therefore in the matters of the heart, there are no guarantees.


  1. Somewhere, Sandra Bullock is laughing her arse off...

  2. Um...I appreciate the commentary and all but...when are you going to post another story??? I'll take anything at this point.

  3. I liked your post and sentiment, but for the life of me I can't figure out why women fall for this guy. It was painfully obvious that he was uncomfortable, and when she asked him if he loved it; he replied with "I love you." Unfortunately I don't have the same sympathy for her, but lesson learned hopefully.
    On another note; I think Jesse has some good qualities, but he needs to work on himself before he gets involved with someone else. He seems to purposely put himself in these situations, and I do believe what he said when he said he knew that he was never going to be good enough for Sandra B. and it was just a matter of time before she got the message. He sent it to her loud and clear, and maybe Kat should've read the memo.

    BTW - LOVED the update on 'Untitled'!!

  4. That I'd too funny. He wasn't feeling that at all. Don't people know personal tats are the kiss if death for relationships?

  5. Anyone dumb enough to tat a name on their body deserves it. I have seen so many people tat a name then drop them like a week later it makes me laugh. I know as much as tat shops enjoy pusiness two or three times to cover the tat please save your money. If a girl or guys says baby I love let's get each others names.....say fuck off!


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