Thursday, July 14, 2011

Serena Williams; the reason white men like black women

Serena Williams is the epitome of what white men like about black women. Oh, I'm not trying to say that every white man wants to jump Serena's bones and I'm not saying that all interracial relationships are rooted in outer appearance. I'm just saying that as a black woman that has always dated outside of my race I'm used to sharing my man with Serena.

Hey, I don't mind. I once told my ex bf  that he could have a crush on her and if Serena ever became interested in him then he had my permission to dump me in order to get with her. As a matter of fact, if he didn't dump me for Serena Williams I'd call him a dumbass. In actuality, I'd brag to everyone I knew that Serena was dating my ex. 

Hey I'm pretty easy going. And besides, I have my eyes on Mark Wahlberg and anytime he's ready to turn the corner I'll be here waiting. 

Well anyways, I get a text from a white male friend. This is exactly what it said: CHECK OUT SERENA ON YAHOO SPORTS. OMG!

Wow. How could I not run straight home to search for Yahoo sports. 

But even I had to go DAYUM! Thank you Serena. You and that dress is keeping, not just white men, but all races of men interested in black women.


  1. hate to be the editing nazi but it's Serena with an E after the S,

    Have you seen the rearview on this dress.
    It's such an amazing color on her too

  2. corrected. and yes, I did see it. i'm sure i'll be discussing it tomorrow with my friend.

  3. Gaayyyooottt Dayumm.. Wish my titties sat that high!! Man i need to hit the gym. side note she has bought up all the baby oil here n cali casue her legs are moisturized!!

  4. LOL @kalibiggirl32...wwooww....
    That dress and the color do suite her well.


  5. kalibiggirl32, us big girls still got it going on because Sarena is all about the curves. She is no stick and guys like that about 'the more curvier' variety. I have a good friend that told me the sexiest woman around is Jill Scott. The key is to like the guys that like you.

  6. all i gotta say is dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

    i remember when she and her sister first debuted on the tennis scene and they were mocked and teased for their looks. BUT, i bet she's looking over that fabulous ass of hers and laughing at all those people now. and i'm so glad that their beauty is reaching wider (was that a pun moment...hmmm?) audiences.

    and i did not know white guys were that into serena. or that many men in general. i mean i knew i was into her but hey, go figure. i always see men with skinny women. not saying that anything is wrong with that, but i just thought that that was the standard. i'm going to take your advice pep and open my eyes :).

    and i feel ya kali. i'm about to start working out first thing tomorrow...or one day soon....

  7. Serena's far from the only reason, but she does look good in that dress. :)

  8. Agree with anon above me. Serena is hot, but I am side eyeing this whole post.

  9. You know I belong to alot of IR groups on fb, and i keep hearing from alot of the white men from the groups that Serena are the ideal type of woman.

  10. Yes...Serena is indeed a very yummy woman I would spend hours running my tongue along I find a few others to be just as delectable. Sanaa Lathan is a fox. She looks yummy and at the same time like shed hurt you...JOY! Gabriele Union is another id make scream given the oportunity. But above all, and this is my own boyhood fantasy Vanessa Williams...her eyes are so beautiful. I could lose myself in them. The mami who lip synced for C&C Music factory is also in the category of wowness. So that's my 2 cents. But above all the color of a womans skin matters little to the fire that burns inside of her. Peace out!

  11. @Jeco,
    all very beautiful women of color. Sanaa Lathan is up there with Serena. Most men love her, no matter what their color


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