Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I have been missing in action as of late but I haven't completely disappeared. I have some personal matters that I'm trying to resolve but I'll return sooner than later. I promise.


  1. take the time you need Pepper, RL always has to come first, no matter how bad we're nagging or moaning or complaining that we need our Pepper fix ;-)

  2. You do what you need to do, our loyalty is not fading. I know I check back everyday and got you on my facebook for any updates.

  3. I can definitely understand, and I do hope everything is alright. I actually stopped by for an update and to let you know that I finally posted Ch. 19 of Jason's Story and wanted to see if we could work out a trade for the next chapter of Vampiric Charms...I love that story. Take care of you and yours and we'll be waiting!

  4. Dear Pep,
    Do take care of yourself handle your business and know that you and yours will be in my thoughts in the coming days.

  5. Handle your biz mami peace of mind comes first. Try to resolve amicably or if not I break legs for beer money lol!


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