Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Working on the Wheels of Steel Novel

Hey guys.  Thanks for being patient as I took my little break from WOS.  I needed it!  Whew.  But I have been anxious to get back to work on it.  I have some great things to write.

Good news and bad news:  First there will be no more updates on WOS.  I seriously can not stand the stress of trying to meet a deadline--SERIOUSLY.  Second, I'm just going to finish it all in one POP and just post it.  Y'all are probably tired of this novel length story appearing in updates anyways.

Some things that have not changed:  This story will not end, even if the 'book' does.  I WILL continue to tell their story in regular posts that will be complete stories with no cliff-hangers.

Changes:  I'm rewriting this story.  That doesn't mean that it's going to completely change. Everything that has happened, and everyone that's in the current story will still remain the same.  The plot, the actions, the events haven't changed.  HOW I tell this story definitely will.  So, what that means is that this is a novel length story that is all pieced together haphazardly and not cohesively.  The flow stopped about halfway through.

To make WOS novel ready--book ready, it needs an overhaul.  The story is good enough to submit to a publisher--but not the way it's written.  I'm going to prepare it to be book ready.  I hope you all agree that this is the best thing for such a good story.

So, to show my appreciation for all of your kind words, your support, your friendship I'm going to give you the rewrites to read; review, comment on before I tackle the ending. And then I will give you the ending in one fell-swoop. I'm going to need your feedback more than ever.  I'm pretty confidant that you will say, 'Damn Pep the improvements are awesome.  You have turned a good story into a great story.  And if I'm falling short, don't you dare hold back on the criticism.  I am not that sensitive.

Now, back to the drawing board...

Oh, and btw, Casey asked if I could just say whether or not Robin is pregnant.  No.  I cannot answer that question.  Haha, that would spoil it!  Love you guys!


  1. Hey Pep :-)

    I just thought I would get around finally to commenting on your blog! See I've been reading your stories for quite sometime now but never had the balls to leave a comment!!

    I'm so happy your going to be writing WOS again! You wouldn't believe how much my life right now reminds me of that story :) Thank you for being such a welcome relief for the heartache of everyday life! It was a blessing to have something I could read and escape my worries even just for a little while!

    I really look forward to reading the ending and hope that you feel better about writing it now :)

    Much love,


  2. Wouldn't it be better if you finished the whole story first and then rewrite it with all that necessary updates and adjustment? Tehehhe. Maybe?? :p (I'm just trying to dig for a faster way of getting the WOS ending faster)

  3. I agree Dammit I need my fix haha
    Congrats on turning the story into a novel/book I can't wait to read the finished product.

  4. Hmmm okay Pep I think you should seriously think about removing the story line of Jason's mom hooking up w the masseur. It grosses me out distracts from the story.

    Also I think that the last chapter was a one off that you might want to shave almost completely off. I can appreciate the that Robin was devastated by the death especially with the anniversary of her dad's death coming up but the abuse was unnecessary.

    I love love love Belinda and Link but they are kind of taking over the story the last couple chapters, that said they create a great dynamic and I want their story too but as a secondary story not the primary one.

    Last thing I would say is you might want to spend a little more time thinking about Robin.

    Get busy lady I expect a signed copy of this on my shelves soon. Also I expect a shout out when you get so famous your on the Oprah channel.

  5. Congrats Pep!!! I can't wait to purchase my copy of WOS =)

  6. I was just thinking about WOS a few minutes ago. And hoping that you would post a new installment. But news of this makes me even happier. Im so looking foward to the book coming out.

    So for right now Im going to have to reread WOS to get caught up. Its been awhile, and I forgot what happened.

  7. can't wait to see the redone version in this case. as casey pointed out a few things, i feel i agree with some. the masseur and jasons mom, kinda comes across as a bit icky, seeing when robin first came he acted like he wanted to have "a go" with her, as jason cut him off. then finding out he's doing it with jasons mom, kinda makes him a bit of a creep in my eyes. i'd just leave out that detail and that makes him back into the jovial guy i'm sure you wanted him to.

    as much as i love link and belinda, don't let their story overtake robin and jasons ;-)

    also robins reaction in th nursing home was a bit over the top, even when she'd loose it, i don't see robin acting like that. i'm confidant robin can deal with it in a different more effective way and actually make that nurse responsible to some extend. like talking to her boss or higher up the ladder or the ladies so for that matter.

    (back to my own now, working slowly on chapter 2)

  8. Hey let me tell you, WOS is already great story, an awesome story at that. Cant wait to read the rest though... Good luck


  9. Pepperpace, I am glad to read that you will be working on WOS. I enjoyed reading what you had so far. I am looking forward to the rewrite. Someone mentioned that they didn't believe that Robin would act the way that she did in the nursing home but I believe that her reaction was based on the way that she has changed since meeting Jason and his friends. Thanks

  10. I am so excited. Of course I will read the story again and comment.

  11. If you can make this already fabulous story even better I am totally behind you. WOS is the best story I have ever read on the internet PERIOD!

  12. i agree with Makka ^^

  13. Hmmm.....Just a comment on Jason's physical therapist. First a physical therapist is not a massuer. Most in medical instituitions have degrees (Yes, B.A. & M.A./M.S.)and massuers go to those little schools on TV for 15 months. With the finanical means that Jason has to work with, I doubt that its a massuer. Apparently one of his therapist forgot that once but most reputatable therapist value their lic. enough not to do something so stupid. Not to say I was thrilled with the relationship but hey it happened.

    Good luck with the rewrite Robin and I'll look forward to reread the edit.

  14. Soo about that story...?

  15. Let me make a post about the updates, Anonymous.


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