Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I was talking to my friend Ynot via internet and mentioned, 'Hey, the McRib is back, did you know it?' and he said; 'Yeah, it's been out for about a week.'

An entire week????

I missed a week of McRib???

Let me explain, I have these uncanny obsessions.  One of them is with the McRib sandwich.  The idea of the McRib sandwich makes my hands shake and my mouth water.  I told my friend Ynot that I would be getting my McRib tomorrow for dinner, to which he replied, 'Good for you...'

Yeah yeah, so he doesn't understand.  I don't even understand.  The idea of it is disgusting; pork by-product shaped into the form of a babyback rib and then dipped into sauce to mask what it really looks like.  Who would fall for such a sham?!  ME!!!  I love you McRib...

Um...I digress.  Dinner the next night turned out to be something different.  I had thawed out pork chops a day before and needed to cook them.  I cooked the porkchops, smothered cabbage sauteed in onions and bacon, yukon mashed potatos with the skins still on them, baked sweet potatoes, corn bread (Jiffy mix), and it was so beautiful...but all I could think about was my McRib sandwich.  Oh, I ate every delectable bite of the pork chops--but I still wanted the McRib.

So at work today, I wondered if I would have time to dash to McDonalds at lunch, get parked in the garage, and be at my seat all in half an  Not possible.  So I settled back to wait for dinnertime. As I was leaving the building and deciding which McDonald's to hit so that the food would be at the optimum in freshness and warmth, my cell phone rang and my ex-boyfriend (still good friend) called me.

'Hey, Kimmie' (he calls me Kimmie), 'I know you like this so I wanted to let you know that Popeye's Chicken has their crawfish again.  It's called the crawfish tackle box and I just got it yesterday.  It was so good!'

I stopped dead in my tracks.  Popeye's crawfish is even better then the McRib...

I explained that the McRib was back and he was very lackluster with that revelation.  Damn him!  Why couldn't he have told me a day later?!  I kept with the plan and headed for my closest McDonalds, got my daughter her usual nuggets and then sat down with the beautiful sandwich before me.  I kid you not, it looked just like the picture above!  It was sheer perfection. 

The first bite; fresh soft bun, a hint of pickle, the crunch of onion and then the tangy sauce.  My eyes are closed as I chew, several french fries and then a sip of icy Coca Cola to chase it down.  As I write this two hours later, my mouth begins to water.  The last bite was as good as the first.

So my ex calls me and I explain about my love affair with the McRib and how I'd marry it except eating it would then be frowned upon--which he then made dirty jokes about. He's coming over to house sit so the furniture guys can come in with my new bedroom head and footboard and he asks, 'Want me to stop and get you anything--another McRib'

Damn you Ex-Boyfriend!  Damn you.  Do you know how tempting it was to say no but you can stop and get me a crawfish basket from Popeyes.  But I did not.  I had some type of control. 

Tomorrow is another day and I might be writing another Ode--this time to the Crawfish Basket.


  1. Hahaha so funny! I've never hears of a McRib. But after watching food Inc there's no way I'm eating anything from mc Donald! Is this McRib thing only at specific McD's? But! I was at popeyea yesterday and I saw the crawfish basket but I've never had crawfish. I got the friend shrimp. Mmmmmm!

  2. No, the McRib should be at all McDonald's. And if my description of the pork by-product did not tempt you to try it then I guess I can't blame you.

    But if you like the shrimp from Popeyes (which I love, though it's a tad bit soft in my opinion) then you would like the crawfish. It's battered in that same spicy crust. It's crunchier but the bits of crawfish is big enough to chew. Yum. Get the boss sauce to dip it in!

  3. It's not at every McDonalds because I saw it on the internet at about 1 am the other day, got in my car and sped to the 24hr McDonalds down the street and it wasn't on the menu. Okay I drove to two 24 hour McDdonalds and didn't find it. Today I found one and nearly cried for joy. My daughter does not share my enthusiasm and thinks I am insane. I am not crazy about crawfish so I will skip that and go get me another McRib sandwich.

  4. Okay Pep you have to tell me where all the best places in Cincinnanti are to eat! Everytime I'm there I get stuck eating boring places. I live about an hour away but we get down there a coupla times a week. I don't think I have eatin at a really good resteraunt since I moved from AZ. Help me I'm wasting away!!

  5. lol Pep I know how you feel about the McRib... I remember back in 2007 I would get off work and have my cousin walk all the way from his house just to get me a McRib... we'll he's got a car now but still lives out of town but I will surely be asking him to drive and get me one when he comes to town in the coming weeks. Anywho I do have a question... has anyone ever heard of the website I found that website at like 8 pm yesterday and I didnt get to bed until like 4:40 am--- it is interesting to say the least...there is so much to get caught up in on that website.


  6. Casey, some good places to eat would be Mr. Sushi which is downtown and across from the Federal bldg on Main St. Kabuto's Japanese restaurant on Colerain Ave (next to Northgate mall), Alabama's Fish bar on Race St (Over the Rhine), Maggiano's in the Kenwood Mall, Dewey's Pizza also in the Kenwood Mall, Daata India in Surrey Square.

    You may want to stop in to Covington Kentucky and try Riverside Korean Restaurant on Scott St, York Street Cafe in Newport on York St.

    That should be enough for starters. :)

  7. I haven't heard of LUSHSTORIES until now but I have it bookmarked. ThanksOhMyGoodness!

  8. That is hilarious! My husband loves the McRibb....I think about it the same way that you described it...Disgusting pork product put into a mold and then called a rib. However, I make the trek to McDonalds every time it comes out to get my husband one. I do love some Popeyes though, it is just a fabulous greasy nasty fried establishment that fulfills all of my fried fantasies.

  9. Yay!! Thanks now I'm excited! I think we will be there this weekend so I will check one of these places out!!!

  10. I had one today. Maybe my mcdonalds sucks, but UGH!

  11. Resist! Resist! Resist the EVIL MC RIB! lol...Seriously, since I hit the big 4-0 I've really had to get serious about watching what I put in my mouth. This Southern girl has nixed bacon and cut back on bread. I haven't been to McDonald's in years and don't plan on going. As Dr. Oz says - if your grandmother wouldn't recognize it as food - you shouldn't either.


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