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I found some problems with The Shadow People and decided to make some corrections and expand on the ending.  I think it gives more closure.  Hope you enjoy!  Both links to the original story and to this one will show the updated story.



  1. Can you tell us about how you come up with your inspiration for your stories. Also do you think you could be in a relationship with someone that faces some of the barriers that your characters face. I will be honest and say that I know that I could not handle some of the emotional and the addiction issues that you have written about.

  2. Hi Case, thanks for the question. Most of my inspiration comes from something that occurs to me in reality, something I see, someone I know; and I want to explore the ideas behind it.

    With the Shadow People, I believe in them and therefore this is my attempt to understand them. In reference to being involved with people who have some of the challenges that I write about; I can, and have been involved with people like who I write about. I may even be alot like some of my characters.

    When I look at 'disability', I guess I don't see them as a drawback, but an obstacle that has to be overcome. So it's not hard for me to write a sexy story with people who are 'different' because I don't really care about those differences.

    But you are right, it can be difficult. But it can also be very very rewarding

  3. I'm struggling to respond I know what I want to you to understand but I don't really know how t make you understand (nervous giggle). Your stories have made me reflect on some things of myself that I may not really like but I have to accept about myself. While physical and social challenges don't matter to me I don't see them as drawbacks, I do not think I am strong enough to be in a romantic relationship that faces emotional challenges and addiction. I find this personal truth painful. That being said I know that every person have their own sexy and every person is worthy of friendship.
    There is alot I want to add but it all sounds wrong in my head. Please don't think less of me for my weaknesses (another nervous giggle) I will just say that I know the rewards but I also know my weaknesses. (geese I wish I knew how to write this better)

  4. I was in a relationship with a guy that was OCD (obsessive compulsive). He was obsessivey clean. Once I knocked ash from the incense onto the floor (he had white carpet) and I stared at it. Instead of getting it up I got him, told him what happened. It was like I called a surgeon to the emergency room! He said, 'You did good, okay stand back.'

    It literally took him twenty minutes to properly clean the ash, which hadn't even mashed to the floor. Anyway, he was also addicted to smoking weed, masturbation (he always announced while we talked on the floor the number of times he had come that day). He was obsessed with sex. I once watched him brush his teeth, went into the next room, came back like 15 mins later and he was still brushing his teeth!

    I wrote a story about this guy, though I left out the OCD when writing it. It was Bill from the story with Bill and Raina (the girl with the burned face).

    Bill was incredibly sexy, funny, handsome. He did look like an old washed up Brad Pitt on crack. Haha.

    But he was freaking exhausting! For the most part I was entertained by my relationship with him. And when he got on my nerve I flat out said, I'm leaving now. And it worked well for us. And plus I'm easy going--as long as you keep your crazy to yourself, I will keep mine to myself.

    So,I hear what you are saying Casey. It doesn't make you anything but normal that you choose/select the best match for yourself. Girl, that is what we are supposed to do and anyone that tells you different can go to hell.

    Which is why 'MY' Bill is and EX and not a Current. *smiles*

  5. Pep
    Any updates in the works for WOS? Just wondering.

  6. Pep
    I know crazy I even get crazy hell I may be crazy. My step father has OCD but his obsession his safety, he ritually check all te locks and the stove and electrical outlets mutiple times a day (we used to unlock the doors or a window at night just to mess with him, mean I know). My mom, sister and bestie are bipolar. I once walked into my house after school to two manic people, one throwing knives at the door and the other painting the ceiling pink lol. Let me tell you that was a strange day! I lucked out with super-duper "normal" husband but I dated some whackadoo guys lol. I think if them now and it seems like it wasn't all bad but at the time whe my world revolved in some way around there "crazy" it always got to the point where I couldn't handle it anymore.
    I think one of my favorite stories you have ever done was They Say Love is Blind, I dated a blind man for a while. Hands down the best lover I have ever had (don't tell my husband lol). He had a way of using his hands that have never seen before, which I know because of his blindness obviously. It was almost like a fast nervous examination of my body but while it was fast he knew how I felt about anywhere he touched on my body and would return and return to any spot that he knew I liked. He memorized me with his hands the way some men memorize with their eyes and he loved to make me feel good. Sadly he moved away and we drifted apart.

    Hmmm... I just think I need to be the craziest person in my romantic relationships. Its a hard job being nuts, but someones got to do it lol

  7. Is it me or are you starting to get defensive when people ask you about an update on WOS? :/

  8. Maybe guilty about not doing updates, but not defensive. I don't have any planned.

    Casey, what you wrote is soooo romantic. It makes me want to write another story about a relationship between a blind guy and sighted female; maybe more like WOS. But it took me forever to write SHADOWPEOPLE so don't see that in the works.

  9. Haha please do write it up I will love it! I would be happy to regail you with any experiences I can lol and I do mean really really happy. Eh I have no time table for any of your stories. I just count up this break to the fall happies. I hope your out enjoying the fall cause I have been told this is going to be a brutal winter so if your like me you will be stuck inside (I m a horrible snow driver, but i quess I'm am still new at it hopefully I will get better). BTW did you get snow on friday?? We did I about wet myself when I looked outside and it was snowing, for heaven sake!!!
    Did I mention howm much I really really liked SHADOWPEOLE. I don't know if I believe in them but I can say I don't not believe in them. I really wanted the tatted, gaged peirced guy to be the hero but hey any guy that can make really yummy coffee is good by me too!!

  10. @ Pep
    Don't feel guilty about not doing any updates, I like it that you are waiting for the ideas to come rather than posting updates that just make the story run on with no direction. I love WOS, but write whats in your head that wants to be written now because WOS might not flow until you give whatever is on your mind its way out. Excuse the amateur psychology, my professor said don't take the little bit we learned in the intro course and start trying to diagnose and treat people. Anyway I love your characters, they make me see people, including the so called "normal folks", and pay attention rather than just walking by.

  11. We didn't get any snow (thank GOD) I stayed home sick from work and then later that night went and picked up my niece and nephew her are both under the age of three. Whewww...what was I thinking. I would have had a fit if I would have had to walk outside and see snow!

    I'm going to do a major overhaul of WOS starting with that chapter that I hated...and I believe that is why I am reluctant to start. It's going to be a big endeavor. But I want to make sure that if I do get nominated next year for WOS I want to make sure it's deserving of awards. And right now, the last few chapters just haven't been up to par.

    So...that's where we are with WOS. And I'd like to just write it to the end and just post it. We'll see what happens. But I do intend to get to work on it soon; not just sure when.

  12. we may be eager to read more of WOS, but take the time you need to make it as good as you want it to be. we WOS-addicts will just have to be patient, which will be a hard task!
    and like the re-edit of the shadow people!
    (working on ho-z' second chapter now myself

  13. Sorry Pep -- I was just wondering. I've been off more than online lately and just wanted to know. I looked to see if any comments or questions re:WOS (and I guess I didn't check well enough) from other fans. I was gooffying off (I've got a MBA to finish) so that delay is sort of great so I'll focus.

    "Do" you Ms. Pep and let your artistic talent come when it comes. See ya when I see ya!!!


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