Friday, November 5, 2010


Here is a photograph of my crawfish tackle box.  As you can see it is overflowing with yummy goodness (yes, I did eat some prior to taking the picture as evidenced by the hastily ripped open carton of dunking sauce!).

I will admit that the crawfish tackle box is even better then the McRib.  I admit this reluctantly.  But my ex-boyfriend called me last night and left me a message.  When I retrieved it he had confessed to eating another tacklebox for dinner yet again.  I don't condone this--but I completely understand it.  I am staying home from work today with a cold and am already making plans to have another for lunch...


  1. this looks deliciously unhealthy, but very jummie.
    send one over for "testing"? *winks*

  2. So I went to popeyes tonight and got the crawfish tackle box. Mind you, I'm a northerner, I don't know jack about crawfish! Sooooo.... The verdict... Didn't really like it, it was a bit umm... Chewy? Idk how to describe the flavor, it was very unique. Maybe it was just the way it was cooked thy I didn't like it? I def., Want to try it again but cooked differently. Anyway, I still love my popeyes pop corn shrimp! <3

  3. this makes me want to eat fish and chips! Why'd u have to put this pic up Pep?! Why?!!

  4. ok, now im going to have to go to popeyes to get a crawfish tackle box. however i having a feeling that the ones in seattle wont have it.

  5. wtf? they ought to be ashamed of that tacklebox! as a new orleanian, that is the worst looking popeyes that i have ever seen. Pep, you need to come down here and get some from our stores here. they kick ass.

    Party at Resa's house!

  6. @ jess- crawfish really isn't supposed to be fried, for exactly the reason you said- it gets too chewy. crawfish is much better when it is boiled in spicy crab boil. sooo yummy

  7. I have a friend from Louisiana who agrees with you. So I asked him how to cook crawfish. He said, cook it? Why cook it? You just go into the store and buy it by the pound etc. Crawfish is the big mystery to me. Looks like a infant alien and as long as it's covered in batter I guess I can ignore the little eyes and feet things. Haha

    Now that sounds weird coming from a girl that will happily eat pork by product. Though, in the case of the McRib, I had to agree with what someone else blogged about (Yes, I freaking read other McRib blogs and proud of it! LOL) the meat is of litte importance. It is just a vehicle in which to transport the onions, pickles and sauce to your mouth!

    But our Popeye's crawfish is not chewy at all. I've had it chewy (Papadeaux's Cajun restaurant) and not a fan of fried crawfish in other places. And also crawfish has an aftertaste--or maybe it's Old Bay, that I don't like.

    I'd like to try it unbattered. But they don't do that up north. I'll make a trip to Louisiana and do it up the right way.

  8. kim, you can order it online and have it shipped to your house. That is what I did when I was in Youngstown because of Katrina.

  9. *Paws screen* Ya know I am very luck that I have a fisherman as a father XD
    He brings home fresh cray fish, lobster, crab, prawn etc Not the season at the moment though so... eep I want some lol


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