Friday, November 5, 2010

11th annual Readers Choice Awards winners announced

Not sure if you have had a chance to check the forums at Literotica but they have announced the winners of the Annual People's choice award.  I won two first place awards!  I won for Blair and the Emoboy in the category of NonConsent.  I also won for best Novel/Novella for Urban Vampire Ch 7.  I came in second in the other two categories that I was nominated for.

I just want to thank you all for following my writings and giving me the necessary comments to improve on my writing skills.  I appreciate your input more than you can ever know!



Congrats go out to JG for his editing work on the two stories that won number 1 in several categories for a different writer.  It is not an easy task to edit a long piece, and to edit someone else's vision.  Now you understand why I always hint that I could use your editing skills again JG  :)  In actuality, I'm just happy to get your input; all of your input!

11th Annual Literotica Author Awards:
The Best of 2009
The stories and authors below were chosen by our readers as the best of 2009. Though these are not the only wonderful authors and stories on Literotica, they are worthy of praise and recognition. Thanks to all of the writers for providing us with hours of hot reading, and to all of the readers for your input, support, and attention.

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  1. well done girl!!
    well deserved is all i can add to that (and as a good little girl i am (really!) i went and voted on each an every singly one!)

  2. Yay!!! Congrats!!! You otally deserve it!

  3. Congratulations again, Kim. It's great to see your talent rewarded so well. There were an awful lot of writers last year who posted a tremendous amount of stories on Literotica, and you should be proud that you got four nominations, two wins, and two seconds for best of the year in several categories. I'm proud for you, as you know.

    And you're too kind about the editing I did for soular. Just as with the editing I've done for you, the true genius lies within the author of the wonderful stories I was given to work with.

    Hey, you and soular were nominated in eight categories and won seven, and had a close second in the other. Not bad for my two favorite Lit authors, I'd say. :)


  4. congrads. u so deserve u are the best writer out there.

  5. I actually gave a little shriek of joy when I checked the list just now! Congratulations! I have a feeling that WOS will be winning awards for next year... :) Billy

  6. Congrats Pepperpace. I am very excited to read that you won...YEAH!!!Of course I voted.


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