Thursday, May 20, 2010

Power Chord is back

A sigh of power chord is here, the Acer is packed away.  Now I can type without it randomly going PAGE UP or getting small and large. 


  1. YEs!!! I'm so happy you can start writing again.

  2. Yeah, I am so happy to read that you have your pwoer cord. I was wondering what happened to the updates. Thanks

  3. Hello guys. I'm back in commission but have been super super busy this last few days with some personal stuff; kids end of school year, graduation, and suddenly I find myself in a situation where my house needs some major repairs. Also writing everyday but I can't get enough writing time in or I'm just sitting and staring off into space. *I need to slap myself and get back on a roll*

    But on the plus side The Juicy manuscript is rounding third and coming home...I'm at 62,000 words and the end is in sight. Oh and btw...this manuscript is blowing me away! Definitely the best work I've ever done. I'm happy that I expanded on it. I'll try to work out a peek at that when I get it set.

    I've submitted Chapter 2 of Angel Over my Shoulder to Lit. And give me about another week on Juicy and I'll be working on Miscegenist Sabishii 3, and They Say Love is Blind. I've been really itching to finish those stories as well as start working on 1-900-Brownsugar and my 'special' story inspired by my friend HO-Z.

    But I promise not to allow myself to be sidetracked by the pretty flowers in my garden and that big gazebo out back that is crying for me take a nap in it...

    Thanks for asking!

  4. Pep! Great to hear that you are back....can't wait for whatever you have in store.

    Go ahead and enjoy your flowers and gazebo...relaxing opens your mind to great ideas and thoughts. Enjoy yourself, you deserve it. =)


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