Sunday, May 16, 2010

Laptop power chord has a short

So sorry guys.  My writing has been slowed up alot because of working on the manuscript Juicy the Novel.  But now I have a short in my laptop chord and will be out of commission until it can be replaced.  Hope it doesn't take long.  Miss you guys alot!  Also, I've submitted the first chapter of Angel Over My Shoulder to Literotica and it should be up by Monday or Tuesday (hopefully).

Hope to talk to you soon!


I feel like I'm going through withdrawals, LOL!  I write every single day as a form of 'writing therapy'.  It is my way of relaxing and destressing.  Sunday was my first day computer free and I gratefully got caught up on some well needed sleep. I gotta dash, I'm writing per the battery and who knows how long before I have a replacement chord, don't want to drain it!

Talk to you soon!


  1. Hey girl sorry to hear about your power cord. You can buy one dirt cheap for like $20 on EBAY. I had to get mine from there because I went through 2 expensive powercords. I didn't realise my cord bends because it plugges into my laptop on the right then gets pulled across the back of my laptop to plug into the wall. When this happens the small metal wires in the cord break.

  2. Good luck on the power cord. Such a bummer having to deal w/ any pc issues. Glad to hear writing is your form of therapy cuz reading your stories is mine! I can't wait til Juicy the full length novel comes out.

  3. What KIND of laptop you got ? I'll see what I can do my twin

  4. that was a good suggestion Butterflybe, not sure why I never tried Ebay all of those years that I was replacing power chords! Those things are expensive as hell.

    Hoz, I got a Dell but they are sending me a new one which I should get by June 6. Thats too long for me to wait so I went out and rented a laptop because I'm near the end of the manuscript and I don't want to lose the roll that I'm on.

    I'll keep you all update on when I'm done with the manuscript so that I can get back to the other stories waiting for the next installments on Lit.

  5. How much does the cord cost?

  6. Through Dell it was only 75 bucks. I've spent over eighty for a generic one through Circuit City. Oh and they already shipped it and the tracker says I should get it TODAY!

    I'm typing on an ACER that I rented. I never thought I was picky but...I really miss MY computer!


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