Saturday, December 31, 2011

WOS e-book 1

Thank you for reading the special preview of Wheels of Steel the e-book. It will be on sale shortly. Thank you!


  1. WOS the Movie?? Ever written a treatment for a film? I do think it would make an interesting film as it has such strong memorable characters, reaches across so many intersections of issues and audiences.

  2. I've had several people say that this should be a good movie. I've written a play but it was never performed. I'd love to see it filmed--maybe for LMN? :)

  3. You'd have to make a lot of cuts related to sexual situations for that network. HBO has led the way with so called "risky" material...maybe 'intense' is a better way of putting it. The IR aspect, the sexual piece,the complexity(non-stereotypical ways of being in the world) of the characters might not be so scary for them. I think the most challenging piece around getting the project green lit might be the abilities issues faced by the characters(which I happen to consider the way that you deal with it as one of its strengths). But you know Pep, I hope I am wrong about that and that someone would find the beauty that is in every part of the story worth making it into a mini series.

    Tell me about your play, why hasn't been produced yet? I am a playwright/performer and am always interested in that conversation.

  4. Actually, now that I recollect, it wasn't a play but a made for tv movie.

    Many years ago my best friend was an esthetician/make-up artist and she was working on a set for a production company that made short (1 hour films) for black history month. There was a contest--I didn't win and that was the last script that I wrote.

    The winning story took place in Jim Crow times and a man that passed for white. My story was very Pepper Pace (LOL). It was during slave times and was about a young house slave that was 'fathered' by the master of the house. But when her mother dies-and I believe he does too, the mistress of the house takes out her anger on the girl who then runs away.

    It was very Twilight Zone as you go through her emotional distress, her loss, her fear, the dogs that are closing in on her, her memories--and then somehow she is transported to the future--which is the present.

    The slave girl just thanks God for what she has, even when she has no money, education, etc, she has her freedom. Blah blah blah. LOL, that was the premise.

  5. So there you go you already know the format for writing a teleplay or now maybe a mini series as I envision it--WOS that is. That script sounds interesting...very Pep... rooted in reality with a twist.


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