Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Eve Special-1 Day Only

2011 is coming to a close. Some don't go out (like me), and if you plan on a nice quiet time indoors then you might want to check out a little surprise that I will post December 31st for 1 day only. 

My next e-book is Wheels of Steel. I've listened to all of your feedback and decided to keep it an adult book with all the sexual content. I did some editing to the content--mostly to remove lyrics (which wasn't easy considering how music oriented the story is). 

Wheels of Steel is so long that I've had to split it into 3 parts. In the spirit of the season I'm going to gift book 1 to you...well at least for 1 day. After this there will be no more free versions of WOS until I post their continuing story--yes, I still want to do that on this blog only! Again, thanks for your support and have a Happy New Year!


  1. I think you have made my 2011/2012 year I absolutely love you for this. I love this book and can't wait for updates. Have a Blessed and prosperous New Year !!!!!

  2. I think this may be the only comment you are going to have on your page that reads. 'I cannot withstand the emotional turmoil...' It's because of this story that I can no longer listen India.Arie's "I am Ready For Love" or MusiqSoulChild's "Love" without thinking about Robin and Top... nor can I even begin to tell you how much I smile and giggle every time I hear "Gives You Hell" lol. The crying... the laughing... the worry... this story is just like a Lifetime Movie Network movie and I avoid that channel at all cost. I swear one year I must have been one of their major consumers cause my television stayed on the Lifetime Channel and every thing they showed made me cry. So no, Pep, I refuse shed anymore tears over the hurdles between the two couples...and Amberly. *I say jokingly* I still say Robin should have given her what for the first time she had to warn her...let me stop while I'm ahead. I don't want to spoil the story for anyone that has not read the original WOS in its entirety. lol :)
    Once again allow me to apologize for being a few eggs short of a dozen.


  3. Most people that are on the blog have already read WOS and it won't deviate much. But for those that haven't seen any of my ebooks, it will give you an idea of how it looks on the computer/ereader.

  4. Dear Pep,
    Thanks so much for posting WOS as this special treat. I am so looking forward to the day when it is published as a ebook or in print...or both. It is one of my faves along with Angel and They Say Love is Blind.

    It meant a lot for me to be able to read even this much again before it goes away for a while...I had a hard time this holiday...even tho I created and performed a ritual/performance piece(Waiting in the Dark) to help me and others deal with the Hollodaze as I've come to call them.

    Your writing is like efficacious ritual-it lifts one up from wherever one is and carries us through to a new and better place...through it...yes through it not over or around... we don't get to escape the difficult parts but we are shown the possibility of being able to come through.
    Peace and Possibilities in the Coming Months!

  5. Thank you all. I truly appreciate you!


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