Sunday, December 18, 2011

Urban Vampire II; Creature of the Night-Now Available!

Now Available
Urban Vampire II; Creature of the Night

In Part 1 of the popular Urban Vampire series, Kim Russell, an African American woman was illegally turned into the lowest form of the undead and then sentenced to death because of it. Using nothing more than street smarts and survival skills, Kim finds herself as a powerful Council Member with three sexy suitors.  
Now in Urban Vampire part 2, Kim is the girlfriend of Tony and mated to the dangerous Elder Council Member, Alexis--who turned his back on her when she needed him most. No one is currently trying to kill her and though her very first blood donor, Paul, has left town, she’s rich, and has one of the most successful territories in the entire Vampire Nation…so shouldn’t she be happy? 

But Alexis’ betrayal haunts her and then she learns the truth; Alexis had never left her. He had been imprisoned and everyone knew except her--including her lover Tony. Enraged she learns that she has a special new ability; the ability to turn into a monstrous creature that is unknown to even the oldest Vampire. 

Kim’s journey takes her through Europe and in touch with dangerous new supernaturals—could one of them be Paul?!

Available: Amazon/Kindle and Barnes and Noble


  1. Good evening Pep: You rock,love all of your stories except for one thing I wear thick glasses. Computer and kindle wreck habit on my eyes. I going to be patient and wait for you to printed your books in a bound book. Thank you for the update and take care.

  2. Thanks Anonymous and you take care as well

  3. Hi Pep, Happy Holidays to you and your family and all the best to you all for the New Year. Congratulations on being published.

    FYI, "Jane" left a comment on December 20, on Amazon about Urban Vampire The Turning, saying not to buy the e-book and save your money because it's for free on by the same author.

    IMHO, maybe some of the stuff that you intend to publish should be taken off Lit.

  4. Hi Sweetly, I responded to the comment and explained that I had already submitted my request to lit to remove the story and they just take their own sweet time about doing stuff anymore! But thanks for the heads up.


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