Saturday, April 23, 2011

What is Pepper Listening to April 23, 2011

Anybody like the group OASIS? Well I'm listening to the group that rose out of the ashes of that one; BEADY EYE. Once Noel Gallagher left, his brother Liam reformed as BEADY EYE. In OASIS Liam did the singing but, in my opinion, Noel was the talent. So it should be interesting to see how this goes. Also, not particularly a fan of Liam on a personal level. I don't like how he bashed Americans in one of his frequent drugged out rages. And I am a huge fan of the GORILLAZ so not particularly happy that out of jealousy he said that he wished Damon Albarn would catch AIDS and die. I don't care for the fact that he gets high off Meth and throws shit as his brother for trying to keep him halfway straight through a performance. And anybody that just decides to cancel a sold out performance moments before going on...well that is just bullshit.

We'll see if BEADY EYE sustains. I'm looking forward to more stuff from Noel. The first single from the new album released in February is called Roller. There is also a really good remake of The Beatles Across the Universe, but I won't put it here because it is a download only single, the proceeds going to help the Japanese earthquake victims.

I love the Beatles influence in Oasis as well as in Roller...but I think this song sounds a little bit too much like Instant Karma by Lennon. But's what I'm listening to.


I'm also listening to THE GORILLAZ. This is a great band or group or whatever you'd call them. The latest album was all done on an IPAD! That is so funny. Eh...some people are bashing it but I'm a true blue loyal GORILLAZ fan. I'm not going to put any of the music here because you can get the entire album at this link and just listen to it for yourself. Most notably for me is Bobby in Phoenix featuring Bobby Womack. GORILLAZ The Fall. 

Oh the heck with it! Here is Bobby in Phoenix


 There was a stupid song released over the winter called Black and Yellow. I can recall sitting in my car speculating why this kid was just saying black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow...over and over. One day I began chanting black and yellow black and yellow and I realized that I have been brain washed! I started asking my kids who made the song and they said Wiz Khalifa. 

Well over the weekend I was listening to the Coachella festival streaming live over YouTube and had heard a great performance by Erykah Badu and Broken Social Scene so I decided that if I wasn't doing anything better I'd listen to Wiz Khalifa. He started playing a song called Roll Up and I stopped everything. I'd heard the song on the radio but never knew who had made it. I decided to pay a little more attention to Mr. Khalifa and found that I liked his mixture of rap, pop, and old school hip hop.

He does sing a lot about getting high and drinking and girls. But he explains why in this song...which I really like. And incidentally, my son is away at college and he made a reference to Wiz Khalifa on his facebook....never never never get on your son's facebook and tell him you like the same rap group as he does. I got a message back saying, 'Oh no.'


Kelly Rowlands! She has this video; Motivation. My mouth fell open when I saw it because she was being naughty! I love this song. I always thought she was the best in Destiny's Child. Also, when Weezy took off his sunglasses I was stunned. He looked just like Jiminy Cricket if he had tats and dreds.


Ben, one of the blog followers got me all turned on to this group PELICAN. Great drums; just pure music with some really nice guitars. 

Also listening to some of Ben's drumming. He's been sending me some cool Memphis music and surf music with great guitar riffs and drum beats.  Like this group; IMPALA

Okay...I'm running out of space. Listening to groups with new albums like TV ON THE RADIO (incidentally their bassist just died), FOO FIGHTERS, and a really really good one by a group called MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA and their song Simple Math. DEATH CAB also has a new album, and The Strokes.

Well that's just some of what I'm listening to lately.


  1. First and foremost I'm a huge Oasis fan still salty about Noel's exit just luv him. Sigh. Okay, Liam's new group have to grow on me. As for Ms. Kelly I was like OMG! I'm feeling this, but you know once Beyonce come back out people might be like Kelly, Who! I hope not.

    Impala remainds me of Tito & Tarantula check them out to see what I mean.

  2. I never listened to Tito and the Tarantualas. I love it! Hey Ben, you were trying to think of a playlist to put together for the blog. What about some music like this? I'm listening to from Dusk to Dawn by Tito and the Tarantulas. Great stuff!

  3. I LOVE it that you're all over the music spectrum! I don't feel so alone right now! My iPod is all over the place, it plays Zac Brown Band one second then goes into some Iron Maiden, then Metallica then Nirvana!

    Do you listen to Kid Cudi? Where I work we he's one of our clients. -- I was wondering something, do you consider Kid Cudi to be a "white rapper", by this I mean that his style of mostly listened by "white kids"? -- One of the guys that work with him at my job went to one of his shows and he said it was full of white suburban kids -- This is not the first time I've heard that about Kid Cudi. You think that's true?

  4. I do listen to Kid Cudi...if not for him I would have never noticed Lady Gaga and I like that crazy woman too. Nah, Kid Cudi isn't a white rapper. He's just a smart one. Same with Wiz Khalifa. When I watched him at the Coachella festival nearly everyone repeating his lyrics was white.

    Kanye crossed over. He was sampling Curtis Mayfield on one song and Daft Punk on the next. So, if we begin to think of artists as color-neutral (same with music genres) then people will stop being so surprised at our diversity of taste.

    Now I need to find out who this Zac Brown Band is.


  5. I LOVE Zac Brown! They're more rocker country style (if that made any sense)

    This song is amazing! The lyrics give me goosebumps! They're are amazing!

    If you buy the live album they have on iTunes this song is on it. The version on Youtube is not the same as the one on the album, the one in the album is 100x better than the video. Words can't even describe it. I wish there would be a way you can listen to it! Ahhhhh!!! I have to find one!

    Also try listening to Colder Weather, Knee Deep, oh my sweet carolina --

    Okay let me stop! I just love talking about music! :D

  6. Wow...I was impressed when they threw the Pink Floyd in there. Huge fan of Pink Floyd. Thanks for sharing Jess. Good stuff!

  7. How amazing are they??!! I'm glad you like them. I'm going to try and upload the song from the album!

    Let the good music continue! :D


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