Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Update delayed

If anyone is waiting for todays update of BEAST it is going to be delayed. I wrote on it for a whopping two hours while at work and then emailed it to myself, but it never showed up. That happens at times because I work for the government and a file that huge probably takes Mr. Charlie a long time to read...also, it talks about Homeland Security and terrorism. LOL...actually, come to think of it, it may never show up.


Anyways, I expect it to show up later tonight so I'll just finish up the chapter tomorrow at work. Sorry guys--and I know you're not stressing about it and I'm not either, just don't want anyone to keep hitting that refresh button for nothing. 


Oh, and thanks for your kind words about my family problem. Everything is good.


  1. just don't get yourself in trouble with homeland security, although IF they have a RL "beast" who knows ROFL

  2. No worries pepper ill just make plans to hit the refresh button tom lol

  3. good thing you poste this i definitely kept refreshing lol!...glad to hear everything is okay with you.....till tomorrow then!!!!

  4. LOL- I need a job like that!!!

    Really glad that everything is okay with your family :-)


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