Sunday, April 3, 2011

Plain Will Never Be The Same

"Plain was the same as it ever was the same.
Plainly plain, samely same...
But then someone lit the flame.
Plain rode away on lion's mane.
Where plain met fruits with strangely names.
Such wonderful things they did contain.
A shot of life to a hungry vein.
The captive beast who broke the chain.
And there upon that fruited plane,
is where plain became what plain became.
So much more than more than plain.
Plain will never be the same."
                                          Author Unknown (but heard it on a yogurt commercial and thought it was pretty cool)


  1. Hey Pep,

    I like the poem, makes me wanna go out an buy some yogurt. :) Anywho, just wanted to let you know that robcub32 has begun posting a new story.


  2. Thanks! I'm off to read the latest Robcub. I've been waiting frantically for his next story.

  3. very nice

    i'm working on another top 5...

    also i have a short piece i would like some feedback on....should i just post it here in the comments?

  4. Hi Ben, I can't wait for your top 5. I've been thinking of a new one too. Send your piece to me by email.



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