Friday, April 8, 2011


I promised a sneak preview of BEAST, and realize that I haven't been posting stories lately so I figure I should put something out to keep you guys interested. It doesn't look like EL Barko posts are doing it. But I have been writing. I've been doing LOTS of writing. I'll have more things to share very soon.

BEAST is my first in a series of TWISTED FAIRYTALES. If you'd like to read it here are the first two chapters. But I'll preface the preview by saying that it is on the BACK burner of all of my other projects. So if you don't like reading things until they are completed then you may want to pass it by.

With that said, BEAST is my recreation of THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. You will find this is more romantic than erotic, yet there will be steaminess!!!



  1. Hey... Love your stories. Im a long time reader of yours and absolutely love your stuff. Just went back to read beast and its under as invite only.... how do i go about being invited.

    Also do you think you will be publishing any of your work through kindle because I can't buy yours from barnes and nobles in australia.


  2. Hi Elle,
    I removed the stories from the blog while I determine the ones that I want to publish but you can still read Beast on Literotica.

    All of the stories that are for sale are available through Amazon/Kindle as well as Barnes and Nobles.

    Thanks Elle!


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