Monday, January 31, 2011

WOS shirts by Ho-Z designs

Announcing the release of Wheels of Steel shirts! 

Now you can 'rock' your very own WOS shirt!

Me and some of my friends have been wearing the upside down wheelchair shirts for a while and they get LOTS of attention. Mostly people look at you like you are trying to drive a steak through the hearts of all people in wheelchairs. Those brave enough to ask you what the meaning is earn lots of kudos.

WOS followers probably know that I got the icon for Wheels of Steel from Ho-Z designs. The upside down wheelchair man began as a statement for Ho-Z and the way that he embraces his disorder. He doesn't have to say I can run my own company, create music, make digital art despite my disability because it seems to me that he is saying; I am this man in the wheelchair AND MORE.

Here are some pics of me and my daughter wearing the shirts.

My daughter


Me and Sugar (My Mom's pup)

random lady asking me about the shirt (ok we were acting)

My daughter wore hers to school today
I wore mine to work AND Starbucks


There are more pics on Ho-Z's website. Anyone that gets a shirt and wants to take a pic of themselves in it, then send it to me and I'll post it here or send it to Ho-Z and he'll post it on his site...or do both!

Btw, I don't get any profit from the shirts, but I do get some word of mouth advertisement and YOU get a cool looking shirt.

Here are the links directly to the WOS shirts:


Here is the link to the upside down wheelchair shirts (remember to select US or Europe):

Click this for a direct link to Ho-Z designs 

Now, as promised, here is the first update for Wheels of Steel. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Wheels of Steel update 1/2011


  1. I will definitely be buying a a couple of days. I love supporting small businesses!

  2. hey pep would you ever consider writing a romance where either the man or the woman has HIV?

  3. No HIV love stories in me, though the topic has come up in a story or two.

  4. the tee your daughter is wearing, the white one, is that the smallest size?

  5. thanks! i'll prob get a small then for mine, in pink!

  6. I'm talking to Ho-Z now and he said he will be adding child sizes.


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