Sunday, January 16, 2011

New story under AngelSCC

Hi folks. Just to let you  know that there is a new story posted on Literotica under my alt account AngelSCC. It's not an Interracial story, and it's just a real short one. As you may have remembered, my alt account was supposed to be used for me to post stories under different genres. I actually would have liked to try to post at least one story in each of the Literotica categories, but that idea fell by the wayside.

CHATROOM FUN was something I'd written many years ago. I may have already posted it here on the blog, but if so, I don't recall. But in any event, here is the link to the Literotica page. Please enjoy.


  1. hi pep every thought about delving farther into the bdsm angle. i loved emo boy but it only had a little bdsm and all your other stories really didn't go that direction.

  2. Definitely yes. I love domination and submission and have never really written anything in that genre. I've started part 2 of Emoboy in which I could explore it more, but when I put out the preview the prevailing feedback was that Emoboy could not 'engage' in those activities with other people. It would be cheating on Blair. Since I didn't want to write a breakup, I haven't really been able to find a satisfactory remedy.

    I will continue their story, but will have to think very hard on that one. But yes, I intend to write a very sexy Interracial BDSM story. I already have it plotted out in my head.

    Thanks for asking!

  3. Thanks Pepperpace, I believe that I have read this one on the blog.

  4. what kind of bdsm male dom or female dom. i loved emo boy but i lean more towards the fem dom. i cant find many good ones on literotica without look through a bunch of crap first.

  5. i have read your stories under the name of certainly not the same genre like you write usualy, just like said, but the powers are there, four thumbs up on the way you divided your mind in generating those lovely stories. I am not sure whether i am being subjective or not since i like your ways of writing hehehe. But you are one of the best writers.


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