Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Are there any good books out there?

I know there are but I need help!  What do you guys like?  I'm trying to load up my NOOK with awesome stories instead of duds.  I like almost all genres (not huge into mysteries--because I don't really feel like working out a problem when I'm trying to escape into the pages.  I'll save that for the movies.)

I'll share some that I enjoyed in IR:

Megan Hart; NAKED


Kim Harrison; THE HOLLOWS
Charlaine Hamilton; SOOKIE STACKHOUSE


Any and everything by Octavia E. Butler who I deem to be one of my most influential writers.  I've read everything ever published by her even that strange Paternist series (and enjoyed it).  But there is a reason that she is a master in her genre. I think of Octavia Butler as an interracial writer as much as she she's been lumped into the Sci-fi category.  I heard her speak once and she indicated that she didn't like her work being categorized as simple Sci-Fi. 

Octavia E. Butler; KINDRED, XENOGENESIS SERIES, PARABLE SERIES, FLEDGLING (vampire story but I struggled a bit with the child sex aspect)

I can sit here and list a million books written by a million talented authors--black, white, etc.  But I won't.  We know that E. Lynn Harris is a great writer, Mary Monroe, Eric Jerome Dickey, King, Koontz, Danielle Steel etc.  But there is a new wave of writers out there that I don't know anything about.  If you discovered someone that intrigued you, then share.  I am always open for that new story that will blow me away!


  1. There are tons of great books out there and most of them are free reads on Amazon and iTune store. I love J. California Cooper's "Family" & "Some People, Some Other Place". I have been reading Latrivia Nelson books, totally hooked on the crime series, plus I love interracial romance. I am definitely enjoying the free Kindle reads and have read many great and some poorly written. If you can check out Nobody's Hero by Melanie ...... Forgot jer last name. Kindred is one of my favorite books I story before it's time. Who would ever think that this book would be considered Sci-Fi? It crossed a few genres and was a magnificent book for it's time.

  2. I love J California Cooper but haven't read the one you refer to. I'll definite check it out. Melanie Harvey wrote Nobody's Hero. Octavia actually did not consider Kindred as Sci-fi. She says there was no science in it as the reason for Dana's time travel was never determined. She calls it a Grim Fantasy (wiki).

  3. I wish I could add a good book to your list however, the last few books I have bought have been a bust! So I have been rereading old favorites until some of the newer ones come out.

    I will continue to watch the response to this post so that I can know what to buy next time.

  4. For the IR genre some of the authors I've really enjoyed are Latrivia Nelson and Shelly Laurenston. SL has several IR books but truly I've bought all of the books she's written, IR or not. She also goes by the name G.A. Aiken for her other series, which also contains some IR as well. I should mention that all of these are paranormal. I have also enjoyed a book called Dancing on the Edge of the roof by Sheila Williams, and most books by JJ Murray. There are more authors but these are the most recent downloads I've purchased.

  5. Branden Massey writes horror mostly based around the Atlanta area awesome read couldn't put any of his books down

  6. I love reading Sienna Mynx/TA is her web site She has a free story going now on her site. She also has epublished a lot of her work. Aiden's Game I think that the book is called is really a great story. All of her stories are godd. She also has two books that can be purchased on Amazon they are called Zoe (Historical romance) and Aren under her name TA Ford.

    It seems that all books can be purchased in eformat. Good luck and enjoy your new toy.

  7. Pepper I suggest "Sharon Cullars" she is a wonderful author.

  8. the black dagger brotherhood series by JR Ward is is the Anita Blake series by Laurell Hamilton...I'm reading both currently. I am totally on a vampire kick :)

  9. One more for the IR genre: Tracey Ames

  10. I'm loving all of the book suggestions. Now I just have to wait for my paycheck. :)

    The Color of Love was the first IR romance I ever read (I think I was 12 or 13) and it had such an impact on me. It was when I realized the short stories I was writing for myself weren't weird, and that other people enjoyed reading similar things.

  11. Awww Pep you are cruel I will be reading nothing but college text for the next 3 monthes. Here you go talking authors and books.

    Try Linda Howard. She is my favorite author. She writes very strong characters which I love. I think you would like "Death Angel".


  12. I remember when I read that story, I said to myself that I wanted to be able illicit the same emotions that Sandra Kitt had--w/o the whole taboo thing. You may have noted that I don't write that IR is taboo. It's my pet peeve, actually. If your family had the nerve to prevent you from falling in love with someone based on their color then they deserve to have all of their skeletons dragged out of the closet and shoved in their face. And what family isn't filled with a closet full of skeletons?

  13. I'm a huge fan of Kimberly Kaye Terry, I saw the JR Ward series was mentioned and I have to agree those are great books, I read the whole series in 2 weeks staying up til 5am because I couldn't stop. Marie Rochelle is pretty good too but her editor may piss you off.

  14. I love Shiree MCcarver her books are good, especially the african women warriors series.

  15. Right now im reading 32 Candles By Ernessa T Carter so far so good. Zora and Nicky: A Novel in Black and White by Claudia Mair Burney that was good, on the religous side but good none the less. Kiss the Sky by Farai Chideya that was excellent! Trolling Nights By Savannah Frierson that was sooooooo good to me and she has extra snippets to this story. Happy Reading.

  16. I'm reading an IR story now but it's lame and so I won't mention it. I wish the version of trolling nights that I'd purchased was more than 21 pages and within those 21 pages it told the entire story--which therefore removed any desire I would have had to read it. I gave a nasty review concerning the 'theft' of the $2 that it cost me to read it. LOL!

  17. Have you looked into ?

  18. I haven't heard of it before checking it out just now; interesting.

  19. Did you buy it from smashwords? I hate that that happen becasue its a really good story.

  20. Smashwords? I never heard of that. I'll make sure to look for hidden codes when I'm buying stories, maybe something that says; 'this is not an entire novel', or 'Haha, you cheap b***h, you are getting what you pay for'

  21. Yes, I feel you Pep. I try not to incorporate any taboo into it my stories either because it's not necessary. I'm starting a historical story where there will necessarily have to be some instances of famil members being against the protagonists' union, but no "white devil" storylines will appear in my works (unless it is literal, in a paranormal story). :)

    Sidenote: I've been so busy, but can't wait to read the updates to WoS!

  22. Hi if you looking for some books to blow you away try some of my favorite authors which are
    1. Marilyn Lee (Bloodlust , Teachers Pet,Skin Deep ,Nice Girls Do)
    Eve vaughn(GianMarco Muse, Kyriakis Curse,A Night to Remember)
    Shara Azod(Thierrys Angel, Remey goes to therapy, Forever Jade)
    Mercedes Keys(Princess Ces'alena,Gold Raven
    Nia Fox (Gargolye Series)

    Book Sites!!!!!!

  23. Just to give you a couple of authors that I have had some luck with. I'm totally into vampires...have been since I was younger. I even tried to get my mom to take me to the dentists when I was 16 to get fangs put on. No dice...she wasn't having it. Anyway....Sherrilyn Kenyon is good. Also, Sharon Page writess some pretty sexy stuff. She also has a little threesome/male male in her stores. Not sure if you're into that. I am....LOL

  24. Smashwords is a site where u can publish you own work and purchase others. I believe what you purchased are snippets(delted scenes) of TN. I learned about this site when through the authors site and there was a link for "more" of T.N. I've read both Marilyn Lee and Eve Vaughn books and they are pretty good. Then there are other authors who have a good story but the editing makes it a very hard read.

  25. Yvonne Nicolas - Black Rayne: Silent Screams.
    That's the best story I've read since Urban Vampire. It's got demons and vampires and I can't wait for Book 2!

    And the best books featuring IR couples are still:

    Dorothy Koomson - My Best Friend's Girl & The Chocolate Run
    Sharon Cullars - Again & The Object of Love
    Marilyn Heward Mills - Cloth Girl

    BTW, I LOVE Octavia Butler's books. Especially Wild Seed & Kindred. And Fledgling could have been a great Vampire series had she been able to finish it.

  26. I just read Ascencion from Caris Roane and I loved it. I also love Nalini Singh, JR Ward, Shayla Black, Lynn Viehl, and Shelly Laurenston. I also love Shara Azod's Chevalier series (Thierry's Angel, Remy goes to therapy, Forever Jade). Other favorites include Laurann Dohner, Lena Matthews, Liz Andrews, Dana Marie Bell, Lorelei James, and Laren Dane (her shifter series specifically). I have more favs but these are the ones I could think of off the top of my head.

  27. Thank you Megan! At this rate, I will never run out of books to read.

  28. Hi Pepper.

    Haven1406 here! 1st, You are an awesome writer and I love your stories. 2nd, if you like vampires, lycanthropes and other paranormal/fantasy beings give Laurell K Hamilton a try. She has two ongoing series (Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter and The Merry Gentry series). Anita Blake is a bad-ass with a day job as a necromancer while vamp hunting on the side. Merry Gentry is a fairie princess hiding out from her sadist aunt Queen Andais,
    until suddenly the Queen calls her back to court with a proposition for the throne.

    Also, give L.A. Banks (The Vampire Huntress Legend Series) a try. I loved this series because Damali Richards was young, black, and a vampire hunter. While this series has some of the sex and sensuality of the others, it also has a lot of biblical end of days stuff. (Several well known biblical couples make appearances).


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