Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Earykah Badu's nude video -- What are your thoughts?

I heard about Badu's video and was intrigued. The video shows Badu walking down a crowded street and disrobing. It is the official video of Window Seat.  Before actually watching the video, I had listened to her Wall Street Journal interview where she discusses her philosophy of Baduism and 'Group Think'.

Let me just start by turning this entire thing back to myself.  :)  I have submitted half a story called 'They Say Love is Blind' both here and on Literotica.  The story was written several years ago, but as I decided to use it, I re-edited it, and made some changes.  I didn't think the story was all that good (the re-edit was a definite improvement!)  But as I read the comments I was utterly amazed at the positive and downright glowing feedback!  Amazed is an understatement...

Actually, I couldn't continue the story.  I was blocked mentally!  Let me just be honest here...the second half of the original story sucks.  Okay, I said it!  But it still has an interesting twist.  When I started reading the comments I thought that maybe I should pull back on the twist and begin shooting for what would please everyone.

I was so desperate for an answer that I started bouncing writing ideas off of my 15 year old daughter who was absolutely no help!  Then I remembered the Badu video and decided to read about it before watching it.  She describes something called 'Group Think' and like an epiphany I had my answer. The following is what Badu told the Wall Street Journal:

"Group think that's like a form of thinking that causes you to bury what you really feel inside to please the group so you won't be ostracized by the group.  It's a comfort zone that we create for ourselves, and I go outside of that comfort zone."

Wow, I was two steps from selling out. Earykah's words and video served to remind me that I am doing this because writing makes me feel absolutely awesome and sharing my stories with people who appreciate my brand of storytelling is even better.  Not everything is a hit.  But the challenge is to write something that pleases me first.  If I do it any other way then I am not being true to YOU or myself.

To Earykah Badu, thank you for working this out for me.

Now, off of me and on to Earykah.  Have you seen the video?  What do you think?  Was it bad taste because there were children present, or because it's shot in Dallas and recreates President Kenndy's shooting?  Does it make a statement about society that no one did anything but watch?

I'm just curious about the opinions of adults vs the kids that post to Youtube, who are pretty much concerned with the size of her butt.  Here is the link, sorry it's the censored version.

Window Seat


  1. I respect the message in the video, i think individuality is one of the most important things that should be promoted but seriously does she want me to take off my clothes in front of her kids??? No I'm sure she doesn't. I love that in this country we are suppose to have freedom of speech and beliefs but a person needs to think her message was skewed by the nakedness in this video there are better was to make a show of leaving her burdens then to remove her clothes in public. I'm going to bring in the bad phrase "political correctness", I know that is scorned now but what political correctness is then treating people the way they wish to be treated. I don't want the innocence taken away from my children to early and what I am asking of any person that puts themselves in a position to be a role model is to consider the feeling and wellbeing of other that are affected by their actions. I just thought that though her message is relevant she portrayed it in a manner unbecoming of its important.
    For the record i love your writing it has a realness about it that pulls a person in but the fact that it makes you happy is what is important.

  2. Thanks for commenting. When I was watching the video I was thinking, 'Are you really going to do this?!' I think I was more anxious then her. Then when I started seeing the kids walking by her, all I could think is, 'Oh my god...' Earykah's comments are; whether people agree or disagree, talk about it. Discuss it. What she does not say is...then go out and buy my new album. smile


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