Friday, March 12, 2010

Works in progress...but take a sneak peek anyways.

You all have been great in sticking with me and the blog even though I haven't really been posting anything.  Believe me, I'm writing like crazy but nothing is getting finished.  So I thought you'd like to see some of the things I'm working on.  If you don't mind reading works in progress then you're welcome to take a look.  If you prefer waiting until the stories are complete I promise to post them here!

Just be forewarned that once I write a story I like to do a 'once over' which means what you are reading now may not exactly be the end results.

This is probably not going to be the title.  You can throw out some suggestions once you're read this if you like.  Titles are not my favorite part of writing.  In this story we have a pretty, yet overweight black woman who is not satisfied with herself, her love life, not even her work performance.  She is perpetually late for work, having to rush and catch a late bus each day.  Soon she finds that there are some perks in taking the late bus; namely, a sexy white guy that fuels this shy girl's fantasies!

I'm convinced that every writer has done this; written a great story, and then lost it.  That's what happened when I FIRST wrote this story several years ago.  It was the best I'd ever written.  Losing it put me in a funk that stopped me from writing for about two years.  Very recently I was inspired to try it again.  It's not the story I originally wrote and I'm not sure that I like the changes but the other is gone forever and all I can do is move forward and tell the story the best that I can.

In this story a woman has wrapped herself up into her relationship with her man...and now this man wants to move on.  What would happen if you sacrifice one year of your life to accomplish all of the tasks that you put aside because it was inconvenient or just uninteresting?

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