Saturday, March 20, 2010

NUJABES RIP (February 19, 1974 – February 26, 2010)

Recently I did a musical post including some songs by a wonderful producer by the name of Nujabes.  He was a Japanese hip-hop producer and DJ who recorded under the name Nujabes. His alias was simply his name "sebajun" spelled backwards.

On February 26, 2010, Jun Seba was involved in a traffic accident upon exiting the Shuto Expressway late at night. He died at a hospital after failed efforts to revive him. He was 36 years old. (Wikipedia)

I've just discovered this artist who is prominent in a genre of music called 'chillout', or 'lounge'.  It infuses mellow jazz/asian sounds with subtle hip hop beats.  If you haven't listened to his music then take a moment to enjoy this incredible artists sound!

Pep's Nujabes playlist from YouTube.

Nujabes was a contributing musician to an anime show; Samurai Champloo.  Whenever someone on the show died they would play his song Mystline...RIP.


  1. WOW !!!!!!!!!! another legend .....
    this was new for me

    wes waiting for the new cd----- now I hope they make a tape with his last work ! aka more donuts sad to see the same stuff happen to my heroes .............

  2. Listen to this mix that I found on Youtube. It's mixing Lupe Fiasco's Kick, Push with Letters from Yokosuka.

    I decided to find all of the episodes of Samuari Champloo and watch them. Whenever I get to a Nujabes song I get excited! You should do a Mystline mix for me Hoz. Talk to you later.

  3. I discovered Nujabes a few years ago on Myspace. Fording from profile to profile, I came across one playing this amazing music. It was Nujabes’ “Lady Brown” featuring Cise Starr ( Years later, my hip friends and sibling are Nujabes fiends. I think hip hop truly lost something wonderful with his passing.

    On another note, and I’m sorry if it is inappropriate posting this here, but I wanted to tell you, Pepper, how wonderful your work is. I love how you take the most unlikely elements and smash them into this coupling that is at once so shocking and so wholly right. Please keep writing. I hope you do.

    Peace, Un-Unique (^o^)

    PS: Another favorite for those beautiful rainy days,
    And if you like mixes: Nas' "One Mic" and "Kumomi" Mashup

  4. Thank you Un-Unique for the links and for the compliments. I absolutely love that Nas mashup! I had not heard that one yet. My favorite mix is the Kick Push & Letters from Yokosuka


    I hate that I discover this talented artist only 2 months before he passes away. But there is alot of talented artists out there mixing hip hop beats with Asian elements.


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