Sunday, April 13, 2014

Questions about Urban Vampire; the bookset

Hi friends, fans and family! I'm sorry that I haven't been around much. This month has been a very busy one for me. With re-edits, putting the finishing touches on UV III The Return of Alexis, securing my editor for this project and etc, I've read some of your comments but haven't had time to respond. Sorry, sorry, sorry. 

Let's correct that now. Some questions I've received are: 
  • Will the book set will be available in paperback? It will eventually but not for several weeks (maybe a few months). 
  • What is the exact release date? I do not know. I promise this part is not a teaser. My editors have it and stated it would be complete by mid-April. I have no reason to doubt them and as soon as they send it to me, I will do my final review and make it available.
  • I don't like reading scary books! Is this Vampire series going to scare me? No. It is not scary but it is graphic and there is plenty of suspense. There is also a LOT of sexiness. My first editor was seriously sweating when she did her first round reading of the revised books 1 & 2 and she did not get scared once. But...if you don't like blood than you may want to skip this because there is plenty of blood!
  • Can I purchase the third book in the series as I already have the first two? No. You do not have the first two. I made MAJOR changes to the first two stories although the flow and facts remain the same. You really need to read each book once again.
  • Why do we have to re-buy an entire bookset??? Well the answer to that is you don't because I am making the first two books in the set FREE. I am also making it easy for you to get them by making it into a book set so that no one will miss the fact that the first two stories have changed. I usually release my new novels at $5.99 but this one will be released for $4.99.
The reason that I am doing this book set project is because several years ago I wrote a kick-ass Vampire series. This happened before LA Banks hit the scene and before Twilight etc. After I sat on the story for several years I decided to place it on sale and one day a publisher took notice of it and suggested some major (and well needed changes). 

Well I did not end up going with that publisher, but the changes were so good that I had a dilemma. Authors DO NOT re-write previously written books and then re-sale them. That is just a no-no. But you can give them away, right?

Eureka! So my plan was to include the two re-vised novels with the 3rd book in the series for free. And hence the Urban Vampire 3 novel book set. 

Now I must scurry back to my writing and I will peep you guys later.

Now, for your viewing pleasure; Urban Vampire bookset E-book trailer!

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