Tuesday, April 15, 2014

J.J's and Amy's Editing Service; A Testimonial by Pepper Pace

Pepper Pace; Amazon top 100 bestselling author, Amazon top 100 most popular erotic author and author of Beast, A Seal Upon Your Heart, The Urban Vampire series and more.

I am an author of IR Romance and recently I decided to re-edit my previously published work. Although I had many positive reviews the one constant comment was that I needed professional editing.

As a struggling indie writer I just didn’t believe that I could afford professional editing until I discovered that author J.J. Murray and his wife Amy had an editing business that was professional, quick and affordable. For a price that is lower than most editing services I not only got the benefit of J.J. Murray’s experience but also his wife Amy who has been instrumental in the editing of his award winning stories.

A Seal Upon Your Heart was the first novel that I sent them to edit and I was amazed that they had it polished and returned in about eight days! Now, I am not saying that they will always edit in that short of time span but having to sit and wait for editors for months on end is very difficult and that is not something that I will ever worry about with my new editors. Yes, I have spoken their names into the universe and claimed them as my own!

Although I write Interracial Romance, I enjoy writing in other genres, and tentatively I approached them with a Vampire series. I was happy to learn that they edit in all genres. When they returned the first two novels in my Urban Vampire Series I felt as if I had two mentors! Their service includes more than just correcting grammar but they also point out common errors to avoid and they show ways to maximize the story. And they did this for two novels in two weeks!

I won’t lie. I would like to wrap them up and keep them all to myself but I also want to brag and shout to everyone what a find I’ve discovered in J.J’s and Amy’s Editing Service.

J.J's and Amy's Editing Service

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  1. I would like to say Bravo!!! Beast was a very engaging read. I'm not sure how you achieve capturing the emotions of
    Christopher and Ashleigh, but you did. I could literally feel the bond between them. It was amazing!! Your book was referred to me by one of your fellow Authors, Shelly Young, and I am over the moon that she made the recommendation!! I'm looking forward to reading your other works.


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