Sunday, April 6, 2014

Beast-newly edited

I have quite the number of re-edited works published. These are edits that have been edited for grammar but the stories itself doesn't change. If you have Amazon Kindle and you have enabled 'book update' then these changes will update automatically. If they do not change then by contacting Amazon's customer service, it will allow the changes to be pushed to your Kindle.

I want to thank Nikita Bryant for reaching out and offering her services. She did a great job on Beast! This story has recently been a bestseller on Amazon and AllRomance e-books. It has been very eye opening to see reviews that state the story would have been better had it been edited.

Again, that is why I have re-edited and reduced the price of each of the re-edited books. The edits go across the board to all areas where you can purchase Beast in e-book or in paperback. Thanks friends, fans and family. And thank you Nikita.


  1. Pepper Pace you know how to engage a reader into the lives of your characters! I absolutely LOVE Beast! I say love in the present tense because the feelings I experienced during and after reading about Ashleigh, Christopher, Kendra, Lance and the families of both lead characters kinda changed my outlook on how I see myself and other people. Even though I read Beast last week and am now reading other books that you have written, Beast was my first and it made me laugh, smile, get the warm and fuzzies and for some reason I haven't quite defined as of yet, it gave me hope. I realized the Chris and Ashleigh aren't real people but for me they represent people that I know or have known. Heck I even saw myself in Ashleigh's struggles, struggles which she dealt with and overcame. I absolutely adore the way you write, I am very glad I found your books, they make me happy!

    1. Anonymous, your comments put a big smile on my face! Thank you


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