Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Poll; please vote!

It's time form me to consider what entry I will make in the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Each year Amazon hosts a contest in which the winner gets a cash prize and a writing contract with a prestigious publishing company.

This year the grand prize is $50K and a writing contract through Amazon. Last year I entered A Seal Upon Your Heart and it made it through to the second round. Since I had neglected to complete the story I could have never won :( but this year I'm entering a completed story. 

So I'd like to ask for your assistance. The choices are; Beast or Wheels of Steel. There is a poll set up on the right side of this blog and I will consider (I make no promises) entering the winner into the contest. I'll only count the votes made directly in the poll, but if you would like to provide some feedback on why you think one story should be entered over another then you can place your feedback here. 

As always, I appreciate your thoughts, feedback and consideration!


The Poll ends December 24th at 5:30 pm eastern time.


  1. Beast. First to pop in mind when I read your post. Good luck!!!!!!

  2. I have to agree, I love Beast.

    1. To be fair though, I haven't read Wheels of Steel yet.

  3. Defintley Beast But complete A Seal Upon Your Heart and see how fr it will go in the competition - NK

  4. I think you can go no wrong with either or, but i have read wheels of steel series 3x already. So I say wheel of steel.

  5. ooo!! that is a really tough call.. really tough call. It would be neck and neck to me, however WOS series beats Beast for a more "realistic" ending. WOS ended with characters still raw and unsure albeit happy in their own way. BEAST's ending was almost too good to be true and for that it lost out for me.

  6. This is a hard one, but I think Beast.

  7. This is a hard one, but I think Beast.

  8. Beast! I love, love, love that book and have re-read it about six times already!

  9. I think Wheels of Steel. The characters are so rich and the whole series just left me wanting more.


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