Sunday, December 9, 2012

Adaptation Chapter 29

Chapter 29 of Adaptation is a day early only because The Walking Dead is in a mid-season hiatus so I didn't have to nap or rush to finish chores so that I could watch it. Enjoy!

Chapter 29 ~The Trip V~


  1. OMG! Please let Bilal make it there in time to save Carmella please! Or let Raj use his tenacle and kill Earl. I can't stand men who rape defenseless women. It's the ultimate sign of weakness. I know being the last people on Earth would be trying for any person but that is no reason for a person to throw away their humanity.
    Please Update Soon!


  2. I totally agree with Brigitte. Earl is using Raj as a means to control and rape Carmella. She has been through so much and is finally finding happiness with Bilal and Raj. I can't stand it if something happens to her.

  3. Love,love love the suspense! My heart was pounding, Cant hardly wait to see what happens next. I'm sure Bilal will kick some @$$ when he finds them but I hope Carmella gets to beat their low down, self centered @$$#% too!

  4. I am trying to be patient, but I need to know what happens! I am totally hooked on this story! Bilal has to save the day.


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