Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Amazon Poll: Winning story

I created a poll several weeks ago to determine the story that I will enter into the 2013 (previously called it 2012) Amazon breakthrough Novel Award Contest.

The results weren't even close; BEAST is the winner. Unfortunately I can only enter one story or I'd consider entering them both. But it appears that I will be entering BEAST. I'm not going to make any edits (I've already addressed some editing errors) and the only thing I may do is to clarify that Beast is a MODERN day fairytale.

I've gotten several reviews that state the story reads like a fairytale...Perhaps I should rename it BEAST: A modern day Fairytale. Some don't like that Christopher transforms into a handsome man, some don't like Ashleigh, some want more description of Ashleigh's family while others want more detail about Lance's closeted relationship.

I suppose that if anything gets edited it would be the description of the story so that people are more aware that we are dealing with a new rendition of an old fairytale. 

But I'll deal with that later. Thanks for your input and for voting. I appreciate you guys!



  1. MissClark. How about a second book. I know you have gobs on your plate but I personally would love a kind of in depth look at lance and his relationship. I wouldnt mess with beast. That book is one of the reasons you are my fav. author.

  2. You deserve to win. Beast is such a fantastic story.


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