Friday, April 6, 2012

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. A book review

Seth Grahame-Smith has come into the possession of a strange journal, given to him by a strange man. As he reads it he discovers that it is the secret journal of President Abraham Lincoln who chronicles a hidden secret that almost doomed the nation; Vampires are real. 

This is the premise of my latest e-book purchase; Abraham Lincoln; Vampire Hunter. I first heard about this story through my daughter and then saw a clip while at the movies watching The Hunger Games. I sank down in my seat and thought; ridiculousness

But as I watched images of the 16th President of the United States welding a bloody axe and doing flips like he was in the movie The Matrix, I grudgingly became intrigued. Excitement began to bubble in me at the same time that I felt a sense of disgust. Oh what the hell, I want to see this movie so bad!!!! When I got home I pulled up the trailer and checked the 'net for info. I found that this was a pretty popular book. 

The author also has a best selling novel entitled Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I decided to purchase the vampire story; completely expecting a bunch of sexless word porn. I was very surprised to find that Seth Grahame-Smith was a really good writer. That sounds mean but that's not my intent. He is a smart writer and tells an intriguing story. I was completely engrossed within two pages. I'm not finished reading the book so I can't provide a complete review but I can say that what I've read so far is intriguing, funny and very interesting. 

Of the reviews that I've read, they have generally been thumbs up. I find it funny that among the criticisms, one reviewer wrote that the author stated he had done his research primarily through Wikipedia. The reviewer made fun of him and stated; "It shows!" I laughed so hard at that. Who cares if he did his research through Wiki since Abraham Lincoln was not actually a vampire hunter????

And thus you will find a stark difference in the caliber of reviews; those that recognize a tongue-in-cheek story and those that are offended on a literary level. One reviewer chastised the author for writing that Lincoln equated the need to rid the world of vampirism along with his need to end slavery...

Again I point out--Abraham Lincoln was not really a Vampire Hunter. We do understand that, right class?

Yes, I am giving the story of the axe welding President a thumbs up. Hmmm, maybe I should write a story; President Obama; Vigilante crime fighter!


  1. Unbelievable. Must see.

  2. Well except for the bloodiness (afraid I'd have to spend too much of the film with my eyes covered...more than a bit squeamish I am afraid!)I would expect I too am also intrigued all that wood splitting led to serious "guns" and the ability to take heads, eh?


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