Saturday, January 14, 2012

Religion; A controversial subject

Eroticism and religion. Can we get any more controversial than that?

I often times include religious references in my writing. I've offended people by not placing a capitol G when using the word god. I show sexuality in people who have spiritual ideas. And I'm not afraid to do these things. But one thing I am afraid of is posting a video on my personal facebook page by a spoken word artist that proclaims his hate of religion and his love for Jesus. There would be no end to the number of disapproving responses I'd receive!

Somehow facebook has turned into a soapbox for religious rhetoric...most of which is perpetuated by your closest family and friends under the guise of offering enlightenment. But this is not about facebook and before I go any further let me just say this; I believe in and love God. Period. (for those who have wondered/ or care) Do I care if the next person believes in God? No. Honestly, I do not care. Do I tell atheists that they will go to hell if they don't believe in God? Do I tell fat people they are going to have a massive coronary? Or smokers they are going to die of cancer?

When an individual decides to share their personal religious ideas then that's their prerogative--just as I'm sharing my views with you today. You can use religion to point out flaws in people that you wouldn't otherwise criticize. And then you can respond by saying; I do this because my religion demands it. As is often the case.

Long ago I gave up the notion of polite debate. When someone criticizes me w/o invitation I correct that bad behavior very quickly!

I wrote a story that has no name, so I call it Untitled. I took the biggest risk ever in my writing career by penning a story about a girl that balances precariously between sin and righteousness. I challenge the reader to look at this girl's life and then to judge her as a sinner because she has broken the rules that have been dictated to her by her region, or to see her as an innocent that can see no wrong in loving.

At one point in the story, Tim looks at Martier--knowing that she wants an intimate relationship with him while he's been reluctant to have her experience any type of regret. But then he understands that she doesn't see intimacy in terms of sin and 'bad', and only then is he able to open up to her and to share something very heartfelt with her.Sex can be just a means to feel good...but sex is so much more than that when it is used as an expression of love. In this way eroticism and religion can be mutually beneficial. The multitude of self-righteous people in the world still like the feeling of sex. They may shun stories written about it, movies that showcase it, but no one can deny the feeling it brings.

Oh...and here is the video that made me think all this. I invite your feedback on the video or the topic as long as no one tells me I'm going to hell :-)

And from the atheists perspective:

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  1. Good evening Pepper:

    Interesting and well written response toward the video's regarding religion. Back in 2005 I work at Borders bookstore,had a customer who would come in and purchase books. I have always work well with the public. She stop me one day and wanted to know if I was a believer of god, my replied was no. I am a altheist, this person began to preach to me in public, waiting for her to finish. She want to know as a black woman how is that I donot believe. I smile at her and told her that my personal beliefs our my own and why is she so scared of me. She walk away. The bottom line is that people need to respect and leave people alone. When I read your stories I love how you being the characters together; regardless of there different views that is a mark of a true artist.


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