Monday, January 16, 2012

Dr. Martin Luther King day--I feel sorry for you if you've lost the dream...

No work today (for some of us at least), a day of rest or a day to hang out with friends and family. We know that we are supposed to acknowledge why we are off, and many black people probably do. But what about the rest of America--the non-black part? We hear it all the time; MLK day is not a 'black history' day. MLK is an 'American history' day. But do we really understand what that means?

Do any of us ever think about the contributions of non-whites during the civil rights movement. Even today when racism is supposed to be a distant memory it is still hard to take a stand for right, against hatred.

During the civil rights era, many white people were sympathizers but  felt as if they couldn't take a stand or they just weren't willing to risk what others thought. Imagine being a white man, woman, or child that actively stood up for the rights of a black person in the face of so much hatred! How much courage did that take--when sometimes you had to even go against the wishes of your very own family? Imagine how hard it was to stand up for what's right when being different was a matter of life or death?

Now think about those people who still do it--now when the racial issue is not just about black and white, but about Hispanics and Middle Easterners as well as human rights issues with gays and lesbians. How about today we become conscious of those people that are not the passive observer of racist jokes. I am proud of those people that can tell their co-worker to shut his mouth when he spews some racist statement, or that won't allow the cashier behind the counter to skip the black kid that was before him in line. 

Maybe we can all do our little part--not just today but everyday! Maybe we can stand up for our fellow man and not be afraid to say, 'Wow that was racist. Not cool.' or 'Stop saying they! We're all people. It's us! Or stare someone straight in the eye and say, 'I don't feel that way.'

My friend (who happens to be white) wrote something on his facebook that was very nice and I decided to repost it here. And remember, today is not about commemorating a BLACK hero, but commemorating ALL people that can stand up for themselves and for their fellow man.

MLK Day is only a "Black People's Celebration" in the mind's of racists. It should be a celebration for anyone who's been should be a celebration of all the things that we ALL benefit from in a society where, all people are equal and have the same rights to pursue whatever their dreams might be. Do you realize that a simple convo. between white's and blacks would not have been possible in the South in the 60's? Anyone who thinks MLK's life and achievements should not be celebrated should really educate themselves, because I'm sure, no matter how racist a person can some point in their lives, they have benefited from the achievements of someone NOT of their own race. Where would society be without education being open to everyone? Bet that Neo-Nazi or KKK member wouldn't be too picky about what color his surgeon happens to be, if He's undergoing a "Life & Death" operation, and the only surgeon skilled enough happened to be a Black woman. MLK was one of the most important historical figures ever, for EVERY American.....and for ANY American who can't celebrate today, I feel sorrow...guess you just can't dream.

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