Monday, March 9, 2015

A Wrong Turn Towards Love-an erotic short story teaser

This teaser post is for adult readers only.

A darkly comedic adventure befalls a lone black woman that takes a wrong turn, which leads to murder, the Klan and a big sexy mountain man named Bodie. This story was initially published in Seduction: An Interracial Romance Anthology Vol.1 *Warning: graphic sexual descriptions, strong racist language.

They hadn’t gone two miles before they heard a shot. Shaun screamed and ducked even before Bodie told her to.
In his rearview mirror he saw a Corvette coming up on him fast.
“You mutha fucker!” He growled. He’d play the killing game if he had to—because it was a certainty that whoever shot at his car was a dead mutha fucker!
Shaun was crouched on the floor praying. “Craig, I’m so sorry I was mad at you for sleeping with my friend. All I want to do is come back home to Chicago. I don’t want anything to do with Kentucky anymore. I don’t even want to visit Grandma.” Dear Lord…if she got killed here today nobody would be the wiser.
The Corvette tried coming up alongside of them. Bodie saw Derrick driving, nose flattened and bloodied. Sully was on the passenger side with a shotgun.
“You fool! Are you shootin’ at me?!” Bodie screamed.
“Pull over!” Derrick yelled. Or I’ll run this big muther fucker off the road!”
“Yeah? Try it, bitch!”
Sully pointed the rifle but Derrick knocked it out of the way. “What are you doing?! Who told you to shoot?”
The Corvette side-swiped them. Bodie countered with a swipe of his own, pushing the smaller car almost off the narrow road.
They played that game for a few miles before Derrick realized that he couldn’t force the larger truck off the road.
“Pull over or I’m going to shoot out your tires!”
“Tell him to throw that rifle out the window and I’ll pull over!”
Shaun began to protest in her crouched position on the floor. These people were insane!
Sully complained about how much money he’d paid for the rifle but Derrick snatched it from his hands and tossed it out the window. “Pull over!” He yelled.
Bodie slowed his truck and spoke to the frightened woman crouched on the floor. “I’m going to pull into the woods. When I do you slide out and start running. Hide. I’ll find you.”
“Bodie…” she began doubtfully.
“Trust me. Derrick wants to know who killed his brother more than he wants to kill you or me. And I have a feeling that Sully Pranger has the key to that.” He pulled into the woods. Shaun didn’t want to leave Bodie but as soon as the car stopped she intended to run for her life. There was no way that a black woman and a half-white, half-Indian was going to reason with the Klan and someone had to live to tell this to the authorities! This was Deliverance and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre wrapped in one!

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