Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Delicate Sadness

Last year I wrote three short stories which were included in a collaboration with author CeCe Monet entitled Seduction; An Interracial Anthology Vol. 1

A few months ago I released one of the stories as a stand alone entitled A Wrong Turn Towards Love. I am repeating that by releasing another story from the volume, this one entitled The Delicate Sadness.

--> The life that Rosia Banks thought she would live came to a crashing halt with the death of her husband. Now a widow at the age of thirty-seven she must either re-create her life or continue existing in the safety of her loneliness. It takes a man that she has never set eyes on and so different from any she’d ever experienced to show her the way. Warning; graphic sex and language. 
Available on AllRomance e-books and soon to appear on and Barnes and Noble.

And YES, this will be in paperback. Coming soon...

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