Saturday, May 24, 2014

An error on AllRomance ebooks version of The Delicate Sadness

Hello friends fans and family,
If you purchased your copy of The Delicate Sadness from AllRomance e-books Saturday May 24, 2014 prior to 10:30 pm est than your copy my abruptly stop after chapter 8.

This wasn't a problem with ARe but with my conversion of the document. ARe is live time so as soon as the author hits 'send' you have access to it instantly. When dealing with AllRomance the author or publisher has to do their own conversions through an online program or else hire someone to do it for them. 

Yes, the little known facts behind self-publishing. Anyway, my program had a glitch and the story didn't upload in it's entirety. A fan caught the error and told me about it, I was able to de-activate the story and re-edit a CORRECTED copy. If you were one of the recipients of the incomplete version than please return it. If you re-order, the corrected version has already been posted. If you have ANY problems doing this than please send me a message at the following email:
SUBJECT: Delicate Sadness
Amazon and Barnes and Noble are accurate and have no issues. This only happened with ARe and it is now corrected. My apologies for any inconvenience. 



  1. Hi Pep, I have a question. Are there any differences between this version and the one that is part of the anthology? Any updates/additions?

    1. Hi SD, this has no changes made to it. Thanks for asking

  2. Are doesn't allow returns.

    1. ARe doesn't allow refunds but they will replace the file. Sorry for the inconvenience, they work very quickly at replacing it.


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