Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Love Unexpected - All Romance Ebooks

What happens when attraction takes one woman on an unexpected journey of love. This short erotic romance is a departure from the Pepper Pace IR stories that she is known for. While still IR and thought provoking, it is indeed very unexpected.

I just published my first Free Read at All Romance. Some of you my remember this short erotic romance. It has a new name. One click and it is all yours, absolutely free!


I was in the CafĂ© and ordering a soup and sandwich when the rockstar walks in. I almost looked like a groupie when my eyes got big, and I had to slam my mouth shut to keep from gaping at him. This time he was alone. He’s doing what I do; getting lunch early. That meant that we were the only two customers present in the Cafe. I stepped to the side so that he could give his order at the counter, but watched him from the corner of my eye.
“I need an Italian sub and potato salad.” He said.
“Fountain coke.”
He looked at me and nodded a brief greeting. Damn, his eyes didn’t linger. Rednecks don’t look too hard at blacks even though I know for a fact that they dream about black girls. But I figured he, of all people, wouldn’t be afraid to look. He obviously came from a place that knew that skinny jeans looked good with converse and he could afford Ed Hardy shirts. 
I considered myself in the know when it came to style. I was wearing an Aeropostale tee and a jeans skirt. I also had on baby blue canvas Diesel shoes and I had my hair cut into layers and even though the humidity wreaked havoc on it, I kept it pressed ultra straight.
The guy dug into his pocket for a pack of cigarettes and I saw him fingering one anxiously as he waited for his order to come up. Damn, why wasn’t he checking out my legs? Maybe he went for skinny white girls.
“Order up.” The clerk passed me my order and I ‘accidentally-on purpose’ dropped my purse. The guy reached down to retrieve it since my hands were full.
“Here you go.” He gave me a distracted look.
“Thanks…” I checked out his badge. “Evan.”
He looked at me curiously and I gestured to his badge. “Oh.” Then he smiled and the tension seemed to leave his handsome face.
“I’m Brianna.”
I saw his eyes move towards my badge. “Brianna…ok. Hi.”
“You’re new here, aren’t you?”
“Yeah. I transferred from Florida.”
“How do you like it?” He nodded his head, seeming to search for the right words. I couldn’t blame him for finding it hard to say something positive.
“It’s…a paycheck.”
“Order up.” The clerk handed Evan his order and he gave me a brief tilt of his head in the way of goodbye. Damn. He still hadn’t checked me out! As Evan turned to leave I placed my items back on the counter and bent over to retie my shoe. I knew my skirt had hiked up a bit and that if Evan had any taste what-so-ever then he’d be trying to check out my ass.
Sure enough, when I straightened, I saw him backing out of the door and his eyes were glued to my ass. He saw me catch him looking and his eyes flitted away quickly before coming back to rest on mine. I smiled slightly. He hesitated and then turned away and left.
Damn. It wasn’t the reaction I’d been searching for. But he had looked...


  1. Hello Pepper, I remember this story, damn good writing. In the future will "Adaptation" be consider for publishing. Thank you Bain

  2. Hello Pepper, It me again, You should read Shiree McCarver book call dirty little secrets. Their is a story call rich girls don't cried. It deal with a transgender man, who was a woman. Please excuse the poor writing. Thank you Bain.

  3. Awesome Bain, thank you for the referral. I'm thinking about making Adaptation into a free read but since it is a continuous story it would be hard to find stopping places without pissing people off :)

    Bain, are you coming to the 2014 IR Cruise? I sure would like to meet you!

  4. I would also like to meet you, but I am a full-time student with limited funds. Once I am done with the nursing program, I will be able to come in 2015 or 2016. Thank you so much Bain.

  5. I love the twist in this book, happy I went along for the ride.


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