Saturday, November 9, 2013

I am in it and not of it

When I was writing The Throwaway Year, I had no idea that I would begin to adopt the self-affirmations myself. I knew they were damn good and insightful, but I've recently realized that I've adopted the 'positive affirmation' life style.

It's strange that I only figured that out just this past week. I began this strange mantra in my head when faced with the 'silliness' of everyday life and people; I am in it and not of it. I may have to be surrounded by all the 'junk' that the world throws at me but I refuse to allow it to  to take root in me, change me, or dictate my actions. I have my mind on my own prize. I look at the common denominator when it is time to deal with others; that others effect me as much as I allow them to. I release you; my unwanted garbage, anger, addictions, prejudices and self-doubt. And on and on and on...

These are my thoughts these days. For more of my positive affirmations then hashtag TheThrowawayYear on twitter. Pepper Pace twitter page.


  1. Hello Pepper Pace

    Love your post, please go to because your stories, Juicy, Baby Girl and the Mean Boss and They say love is Blind is posted on that site. Thank you Bain

    1. Thank you Bain. Me and other authors have been fighting an almost endless battle with pirated work on sites like scribd. I send out take down notices and more just pop up. Hard to keep a handle on it. One day I will have an assistant!

  2. I love "the throwaway year" I too have adopted the affirmations and now my sisters and I share at least one or two affirmations during the week.....Thank you


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