Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest - 2013 update.

Guess what everyone??? My story BEAST made it to the semi-finals! I can't even begin to tell you how hyped I am. What this means is that there are five categories. And the semi finals consist of the top five stories in each genre. Only 25 contestants left--and Beast is one of them. The finalists will be announced in mid-May, consisting of one story per genre.

I want to thank everyone that took a moment to write a review for my submission. The actual winner will be determined by readers votes so I know the fact that people took the time to indicate what the story meant to them is what allowed Amazon to recognize that this genre--IR, multicultural is popular, but nearly unrecognized by the mainstream. And the fact that OUR genre could beat out so many of the 'mainstream' stories is a testament that the public is waiting for something that is not the same old same old rehashed story with the same old same old rehashed characters. They want spice and interesting dialogue and people that represents many different segments of society.

I hope that this contest will open the eyes of the people that shop on Amazon for their books that there are more than the 10 or so African American writer's whose names generally represent the African American writing world.

I'll definitely keep everyone updated on the next phase of the contest.
Also, if you haven't left a review and would like to I would sure appreciate it.
Beast excerpt


  1. Beast is already a winner for me, it's time the world knew it!

  2. Beast is an awesome love story...Ms Pace has a way of pulling you into her characters and making you fall in love with them...You are an AMAZING writer!!!!!! I have brought all of your books you never disappoint.


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