Thursday, October 11, 2012

Miscegenist Sabishii coming soon


Q: Why did you remove Miscegenist Sabishi from literotica?:tear: So your going to publish it? With more added? lol I hope.

A: Haha, Adriel you busted me. Yes I'm going to publish that. I'm working on the edit now (stopped to remodel my kitchen). I'm not sure how much it will change since I'm only on the very first section where Tony is talking. The word count is 41K which is the size of a novella. I'm shooting for at least an additional 10K words with my edits.

I feel like I'm flooding the book market and I haven't even published any of my new material. I think I have around 14 digital books for sale and I haven't even been on the publishing scene for even a year yet! Ugh, what's going to happen 5 years from now? LOL!


  1. Get used to it Pepper... YOU are THAT GREAT!!!

  2. In my spare time I'm a mind reader lol No not really but I'm excited and I can't wait to purchase.

  3. You rock Pepper!, I been waiting for this story. Keep on publishing I will follow you. Thank you Bain

  4. Will "Adapations" also be published.

  5. Awesome! I loved that story on Literotica. I will 1-click when its on Amazon. OAN get used to it because I agree with the previous poster U R that GREAT!

  6. Pepper,

    You are killing me!! Your books are an addiction for me! I go on Amazon 1+ times a week to see if you have a new book out! I read all books WOS being my favorite, icluding beastly (I absolutely freaking love) and I'm waiting on another one. Can not believe you have a book out there I have not read. I really want to read this one! can't wait!


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