Tuesday, November 15, 2011

E-book information

Hi everyone. It's exciting being a published writer. Now it seems that I'm always thinking about what to publish and ways to market my books. I decided that I would make a dedicated page devoted just to my books. There will be product information and how to get them along with previews.

It will also appear on blogspot and is called Pepper Pace Books. Yeah...not very creative. 



  1. Pep, I'm so happy for you right now!!! Ok, ok now we need to think about this. Stranded is going to be well received by audiences so the next story to release should take things a step further. I would say either release "They Say Love Is Blind" or "Beast". Those two stories are still in the "safe" category.

    WOS and Juicy are very riske'. I think that WOS kinda scared me because the main character not only falls for someone who is wheelchair bound, but he is also her "employer". I swear the whole time I was reading it I hoped she wouldn't get sued for conflict of interest!

    Juicy is a whole nother issue. I had my qualms about that story. When I first read the description, the first thing I said to myself was "Damn, why the sista gotta get a homeless man. Can't she just be with a regular dude who has his shit together?" I had to literally get over myself before I could even read that story even though I had loved all the others you'd written. So no matter what you choose, SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST!!!

    Crash is similar to juicy but for some reason those characters still wander in my mind from time to time. That story really spoke to me, and it sticks. If you could expand on that story and release it, I promise you it would be nothing less than golden. That would be the story that could put you in major competition with Mary Monroe. I'm so serious right now!

  2. Good Evening Pepper: I was wondering if you are going to published your books into printed bound book. I love all of the your books, I believe Lulu would be good fit for you. Thank you.

  3. That is actually my dream, to have a bound book published that I can place on my bookshelf. Yes, I definitely want to do that.

  4. Pepper let us know when you are going to have a bound book for your stories,will gladly pay the price.I have started to collect all of my favorite writers this include Shiree Mccarver, Sharon Cullars, Savannah Frierson and many others. Just waiting for you. Thank you

  5. Pep I'm so happy for you. I bought and read Stranded, nice lil twist u did. I really wish that WOS or Juicy will be the next published. Those stories, for me, make me think that love can be found anywhere and not be ashamed. These are the stories that NEED to be seen and absorbed. Thanks for writing and your wonderful imagination.

  6. I agree with Kali and I think that WOS is a story that needs to be told. It's such a wonderful tale that gives you an insight into a world that I personally never thought to step into. It's one of those gritty love stories that is so real with its bumps in the road that take them to their HEA that I think it would be a shame if you didn't publish this one. Just my two cents, and my deepest admiration for how you've turned something so awful into a personal triumph :-D You go girl!!


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