Saturday, October 29, 2011

Paranormal Activity

Once upon a time I was a teenager that loved all things horror. I loved spooky stories, books, and movies. I practically jumped out of my skin when I saw the last scene of Friday the 13th and a dead Jason leaped out of the lake. I screamed like a raving maniac at the end of the movie Carrie when her hand reached from her grave. And Poltergeist was just filled with too many scares to list.

But the one thing that scared me above anything else was the Exorcist. The idea of it scared me so much that I couldn't read the book or ever see the movie. It was going to be televised and I swore that I'd finally watch it...but first I was going to read the book. It was really scary but I got through it. Then it was time for the movie. I remember the sun was out and my heart was in my throat. I was so terrified while watching it that I shook.

When it ended I thought it was scary...but somehow it wasn't as scary as my imagination had made it out to be. It didn't give me nightmares, it was just unpleasant. 

That's how I feel about the movie Paranormal Activity...but magnified by 10! I've been too scared to watch this movie for years! I thought it would have images that would creep me out and I thought it would plague my dreams. I finally decided to watch it on Netflex. I coerced my daughter to watch it with me but in the end she sold me out for a Taylor Swift concert. 

I climbed under the covers, begged my daughter one last time to climb into bed with me, to which she explained patiently that I would be okay and suggested I call Ben but he was even too busy. So there I lay, all alone. 

As the movie played I kept saying, 'I'm so scared. I'm so scared' in anticipation for the coming terror...which never happened. The movie ended and I said to got to be shitting me. THAT'S IT???

Now I'm not trying to suggest that P.A. is a bad movie. It just wasn't nearly as scary as my imagination had made it out to be. There were some moments where I jumped but it was weak at best. 

So I decided to watch Paranormal Activity 2. It was a little more scarier. But the problem for me is that both guys that starred in the movies were assholes and I kept yelling at the computer, "I hope the demon gets your ass, dummy!" Especially that first guy; taunting the evil demon, trying to be a stand-up comic and a macho man..."No demons going to come into my house and scare my girlfriend!" Haha. Yeah...

So maybe I should write my vision of a horror story. It would have to have kids and pets--both are scary as shit when they turn evil. Yeah, maybe I'll do that...


  1. Hi pep I saw paranormal activity 3 and even begged my friends to change their minds on seeing this movie.I was so scared that I used my jacket to wait for something to jump out on the screen.For the rest of the movie my friends laughed at me for being scare and at the movie itself.I felt stupid and I wanted my money back!

  2. lol Pep... I yell at my t.v. too when I see characters do something incredibly dumb. I've gotten so bad that I watch old episodes of "Walker, Texas Ranger" and I would yell 'Get him, Walker. Kick him in the nuts.'
    And it's funny you should mention writing a scary story...I just finished a horror story of my own... one with a little kid in it. but I don't think it's very scary.
    Anywho, I think you should write your own version of a horror story. How about someone's cable bill being over $300, now that would scare me to death. lol jk


  3. by the way....what all horror shows are on regular (non-premium cable) TV now?

    american horror story
    once upon a time (fantasy ...but obvious evil afoot)



  4. warehouse 13, but I'm unsure if it's still on. I know there are a lot of teeny bopper vampire/werewolf shows but we can't quite consider those horror stories.

    However, I'm surprised that you left out The Walking Dead! A series about Zombies, hell yeah!!!

  5. i can't believe i left out walking dead either....curses!!


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