Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's almost Halloween

I have always loved the fall. After the heat of summer, it's so nice to have a comfortable drop in temperature. I live in the midwest so I have the joy of seeing the change of seasons. The autumn leaves transforms everything! I even like the way autumn smells. 

Today I lit my fireplace for the first time. It's awesome. Now all I need is a glass of wine (or hot tea) and my sweetie to snuggle up with. 

But the best part is Halloween. Each year we go all out in decorating our house. I admit that I don't do it for the kids, I do it because I absolutely love it! So in the spirit of Halloween I've decided to 'spookify' the blog. I hope you will all join me in making Halloween 2011 fun. 

I'd like to create a thread devoted to creepy stories. Last year we got some really good ones that gave me goosebumps. 

So in the spirit of the season I'm going to share a story that I wrote. I actually lost a bet with CreepyRJ and was given the task of writing a story about a man that was like him. I decided to multi-task and to also write a horror story. Had he lost he'd be posting a love story between to gay males...Oh well, maybe next time. 

Creepy's Halloween story.


  1. J writing gay *grins* he might pull it off ;-)

  2. Punk! I still stand by my Bengals!!!!

  3. Oh come on pepper!!! We won fair and square lawl!!! Was a good story though mami!

  4. Well I'm not going to make fun of anyone's team, RJ won fair and square. And thank you erin, I know it was twisted.


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