Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why do I love Ho-Z...let me count the ways!

Monday I posted a DJ Premier and Pete Rock music battle on the blog...which I absolutely love; compliments of The Boy Wonder=Ho-Z. There was a 3 second snippet of music that I fell in love with but didn't think I'd ever figure out how to find. Let's face it, a DJ will lift beats from obscure songs that nobody ever thought to listen to.

Of course I had to go the 'Master of Music'. I sent Ho-Z this message on Facebook last night: 

I'm loving that DJ Premier vs Pete Rock, listening to it every single day! But what is that song that Pete Rock plays at 1:59 and five second?! It's a soft mellow Asian-like instrumental. I must have that song~paces back and forth like a crack head~

Then I went to bed and this is the message I got back the next day:  

You need to listen to the words of the track Premier plays after to get it. Pete played the sample and he played the track after, Anyways,
its the start of PITCH BLACK - IT'S ALL REAL 

sample of Caldera-Ancient Source-(1977)

So...not only do I get my dream song, but he also sends me the original 1977 version that it was sampled from??? I have never freaking won a music challenge with this kid and I probably never will!


  1. That's why its good having friends that know their craft.


  2. Sounds like your muse helped you create the perfect character in WOS

  3. Can you post the link again so we can get one of the t shirts. I showed it to my mom and friend and now they both want one. I know I'm looking over where the link is

  4. Mo here it is

    Here are the links directly to the WOS shirts:


    Here is the link to the upside down wheelchair shirts (remember to select US or Europe):


  5. Thanks for posting that Ho-Z. You can also get directly to Ho-Z's page by clicking his first artwork (the cute one where he is a little baby) or you can click the direct link above his picture and once you get to his page just select 'store'.

    I was wearing my upside down wheelchair man shirt today. Also he has a very cool upside down wheelchair man cap but I'm not sure if it's in the store yet.

  6. I mean...besides the fact that Ho-Z is a total hottie...


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