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Stephen King's; The Dark Tower Series

My favorite book (which fluctuates between Octavia Butler's Kindred) is The Talisman by Stephen King. No one ever talks about this book, nor do they even think about making it into a movie or mini-series (thank god!). I've read it no less than 10 times and I'm about due to pick it up and read it again. ~smiles~ So, imagine my happiness when I began reading the Dark Tower Series and discovered that it dealt with the same theme; the twin worlds and the twin people with one constant; The Dark Tower.

I always thought THAT ONE would make a good movie and now it looks like Ron Howard just might be the one to do it! Check out this article by Chelsea Davison.

'The Dark Tower': My Dream Cast

The Dark Tower cover
"The Man in Black fled across the desert, and the Gunslinger followed." 
Let's immediately make one thing clear, I love Stephen King's The Dark Tower series. So much so, that I have been nervous for years as the rumors have swirled around potential movies, miniseries, and TV shows adapted from the seven books. At one time, J.J. Abrams was said to have finally gotten the green light from Stephen King and bought the rights to make it for a symbolic $19. However, now the torch has been passed to director Ron Howard and plans are moving forward for three feature films and two seasons of a television series. So, now the looming question is who will be cast in this epic undertaking? Here are my picks for The Dark Tower cast (though of course, casting unknowns would also be fantastic), includes choices for the Gunslinger, Eddie, Susannah, Jake, Susan Delgado, and The Man in Black.
Beware, this list includes a few hints/spoilers.

Roland Deschain: Josh Holloway
roland deschain
Dark, mysterious, deadly. The morally amiguous protagonist of The Dark Tower series is The Gunslinger and I think Josh Holloway would pull this off beautifully. With a bit of black hair dye and some bright blue contacts, Holloway could easily transform into the obsessed man tracking down The Tower and The Man in Black, especially since we saw he can handle a complex, often cruel character during his time playing Sawyer on Lost. My only concern is that he is not old enough to play the grizzled killer, but a bit of good acting could make the choice perfectly believable. Besides, worn doesn't necessarily require old.
However, choosing Holloway was a hard choice and I considered other candidates (get it, Lost fans?), such as Javier Bardem, Clive Owen, Christian Bale, and more. Check out my full list of possible actors who could take on the role of the last Gunslinger

Eddie Dean: Kevin Zegers

Naive, wild, addicted. Eddie is the 21-year-old heroin junkie from New York City who joins Roland in book two and Kevin Zegers is exactly how I envision him. He's a little dirty, grungy, but with youthful good looks and his starring performance in 2005's Transamerica proves he can deal with the depth of poor Mr. Dean.
Susannah Dean/Odetta Holmes/Detta Walker: ZoĆ« Saldana
susannah dean
Powerful, damaged, wise. I almost didn't put Ms. Saldana in this part because it seemed just too obvious. But really, she is perfect for the wheelchair-bound fighter with a few too many identities. One look at her and it's clear why Eddie would fall in love and she brings the right balance between wisdom and ferral ferocity.

Choosing Susannah was really tough because the actress has to take on three parts, not one. I considered Naomi Harris a lot too, which you can see on my full list of actresses I think could play The Lady of Shadows.

Jake Chambers: Nathan Gamble.
jake chambers
Innocent, brave, special. Jake Chambers is the 11-year-old boy who joins Roland's ka-tet, first as a sacrifice and later as a son. Nathan Gamble, known for his roles in The Mist and Marley & Me, is one of the few young actors who could handle Jake's strong, mature manner. Plus I think he has the perfect look for Jake.
My only other strong suggestion for the part would be Lewis Howlett, but I weigh out the pros and cons of each in my full list of actors who could play Jake.
Then, I know these characters aren't brought in until Wizard and Glass, but it seemed appropriate to immediately cast them. Especially since I don't know what order chronologically the narratives will take.
Young Roland: Nicholas Hoult
When Roland and friends enter Mejis, he is just a teen. However, the blue-eyed Gunslinger matures immensely through love and tragedy during their time there. Nicholas Hoult clearly has the chops to take on the young Deschain because of his work in Skins, but really it was his piercing eyes that sold me on him. It works especially well if one of my alternates for older Roland takes it, such as Clive Owen, Hugh Laurie, or Christian Bale.
Cuthbert Allgood: Freddie Highmore
cuthbert allgood
Bert is Roland's best friend--the joker of their ka-tet and "twinner" to Eddie Dean. Freddie Highmore has taken on leading roles in numerous films including August Rush and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but now the audience can see him take on a more adolescent character. There is something so optimistic and goofy about Cuthbert and Highmore captures it effortlessly.
Alain Johns: Chord Overstreet
alain johns
I know some may doubt my choice of putting this Glee star in Roland's ka-tet of the past, but I just can't help that Chord Overstreet looks exactly how I pictured Alain Johns. A bit older than the other two and certainly more stocky, Overstreet could easily play the relaxed third member of their party, the one strong in the "touch."
Susan Delgado: AnnasSophia Robb
susan delgado
Casting Susan is difficult because the blonde beauty is so young and yet described as being heartbreakingly beautiful, yet AnnaSophia Robb is exactly that. The true love of Roland Deschain, she is the unfortunate victim in Wizard and Glass and so must be capable of portraying the emotional but fierce girl torn apart by fate. Robb's past roles in Bridge to Terabithia and Soul Surfer have me hopeful that this young girl could pull off such a powerful character.
However, check out the list of candidates I made of other blonde bombshells who could play poor Susan Delgado of Mejis.
UPDATED: So, I know, I didn't include The Man in Black, but you asked, so here's my choice:
The Man in Black: Jeremy Irons
man in black
The Man in Black fled across the desert and the Gunslinger followed. Mm, yes, the mysterious and powerful antagonist who goes by many names and evades Roland. While many actors could bring the right air of dark illusion, the one that instantly places himself in my mind is Jeremy Irons. Irons has the right look for the role--weathered yet alluring--and his work over the past four decades proves he is capable of handling the heavy acting. However, what really sells me on Irons is his voice. Perhaps it's because I grew up fearing him as Scar in The Lion King, but Jeremy Irons has a voice that I cannot help but associate with evil and mysteries. 
A few others are certainly worth considering for this part however, so click to see my full list of nominees for the Man in Black.

I think she did a great job in creating a fantasy cast--but I have to disagree with Jeremy Irons! This is Pep's pick for the Dark Man...

Ralph Fiennes. 
man in black
Ralph is one said the Darkman was sexy but that doesn't matter. I've had a crush on him since I saw him lock lips with Angela Bassett in STRANGE DAYS. He usually plays good guys but he has a look about him that tells me he could cross over into crazy-ville pretty easily!


  1. I love these choices! I haven't read the book, but these pics make me want to rush out and check it out. I definitely think that Ralph Fiennes can cross over into crazy-ville, especially since he is Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter movies.

  2. Great read! I'll give you a quick description of what the Dark Tower is about. In a world that is a twin to our world lives people called Gunslingers. Picture Clint Eastwood. They are a last of a dying breed and Young Roland was sent on a quest by his father. Long story short he was allowed to bring his best friend's Cuthbert, and Chord. Basically just kids they met Susan Delgado and all fell in love with her--though it was Roland that won her heart.

    Fast forward about thirty years and you find Roland; the last of the gunslingers hunting the Man in Black(Randall Flagg-which you may remember as the satan-like individual from THE STAND); the man who has destroyed Roland's life and a man that is the epitome of Satan. It is a fight of good vs. evil.

    During his journey he is told that he will form a second Ka-tet; a guild--which he isn't happy about since he had a bad history with the first one. He is given a vague description of who will form the Ka-tet; They all come from our earth and have no idea how the end up with this crazy-assed Clint Eastwood look-alike. And he has no idea who they are either. The description he is given says; THE LADY IN SHADOWS--Which is Detta/Odetta a black lady that lived during the civil rights era and had been pushed in front of a train causing her to lose her legs. Odetta is nice but Detta is crazy and has to be tied up at night so that she doesn't kill all the white people! Oh and she will spit in your food. Next in the Ka-tet is THE PRISONER-Which is Eddie Dean. He is in a heroine addict in the 70's and is about to get taking out by a gang who wants to kill the little junkie. The last in the Ka-tet is THE PUSHER. But Roland doesn't bring him because he determines that he is either the person that pushed Odetta in front of the train, or turned Eddie into an addict. As they journey together, learning how to shoot and fight and survive they pick up a little boy trapped in the other world and they gain some and lose some.

    But the whole thing is about how Roland can't stop/won't stop until he kills The Man in Black. And the Dark Tower is the energy station that keeps the worlds running. It's giving out and they have to do this before all of the worlds end.

    It's definitely worth reading

  3. I devoured that series when it came out. It's sooo good that in reality I don't want to see it come to life.

  4. Kolby, that's how I feel about the Talisman. I don't want there to be another writer who transforms it to screen. I want it word for word the way Stephen King wrote it!

    I think Ron Howard will do a good job with it. I love him as a producer. Don't you want to see Detta in action? And I want to see the lobstrosities and Blaine that fucking Train! LOL!

  5. Ralph Fiennes is so sexy...Schindler's List he was one of the wanted to hate him, but he looked so good

  6. I guess he has played alot of bad guys! He'd make a great Man in Black

  7. I'm scared who they will cast as Odetta....and I think hollywood usually gets it wrong especially with black actors and actresses....if zoe saldana gets it I'm done!!! Will never watch it. She's giving me the Halle Berry syndrome which is there are OTHER black actresses besides her!! Ugghh..I'm pulling for Kerry Washington or Marvin Gaye's daughter.


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