Friday, October 29, 2010

Countdown to Halloween

Three more days 'til Halloween; my favorite holiday--even better than Christmas!  As I've said previously, I love the season, I love the spooky movies and stories, I love the CANDY!!  I love the trick or treaters and apple cider, and candy apples and turning on my fireplace and and and...OMG I just love it allllll!  *Runs around in giddy excitement*

I'm going to post my Halloween story here on Sunday evening around 6pm est.  I hope its sufficiently chilling and that you guys are not too preoccupied with passing out candy to enjoy it!

Oh, and I've noticed that you guys have slowed down with the scary stories.  Now is the most important time of all to continue with the scary stories!!!  IT'S ALMOST HALLOWEEN!  Alright, I have a story for you guys.  It's not's like a campfire story but it's pretty good.  I'll post it in the comment.

  Oh I recreated this (without the liquor bottle) last year.  Sorry no pictures, but it was soooo cool!


  1. Pepperpace, looking forward to reading the story. Thanks

  2. The picture is hilarious!!!!

  3. A newly married couple moved to the country in a different state. The man got a better job and it was necessary to move. Unfortunately, the job would require him to take frequent overnight trips.

    She was very nervous about being a new bride and leaving her family, but the house was very pretty, even if it was deep in the middle of nowhere. The closet thing to the house, was unfortunately, a mental hospital for the deranged--which was something else that made her nervous.

    She was jumpy about everything and her husband hated leaving her alone while he went out of town but one day when he returned home from an overnight trip, she ran towards him in excitement, exclaiming that she was no longer afraid because there was a protective ghost in the house. She took his hand and led him to the livingroom and explained that when she lit the fireplace she saw the reflection of a little old lady sitting in the chair.

    The image was reflected agains the adjacent wall and she was stooped over doing needle point. She felt that if a little old lady had made this beautiful place home then she should not be afraid.

    He did not believe in such things but if it made her feel better he was happy for whatever it was that she thought she'd seen.

    Not long after, while he was out of town a co-worker asked him if he hadn't bought a house close to the mental hospital. And that one of the deranged lunatics had broken out after killing several staff members.

    The husband was frantic and called home to check on his wife. There was no answer. He quickly headed home. It took hours and he could not get in touch with his wife. When he finally reached his house, he dashed inside. He could tell that his wife had started the fireplace because he could see the reflection of the fire against the wall as he was rounding the corridor. And then he saw the reflection of a little old lady, sitting in the chair, doing her needle point. It was the vision of the protective force in the house that his wife had described!

    He hurried into the room and came to a terrified stop. Sitting in the chair by the fireplace was a deranged lunatic. He held the severed head of his wife in his lap and he was pulling out strands of her piece at a time.

  4. That was a cool story Pep... for some reason every time I think about a mental hospital I automatically think about Waverly Hills Sanatorium and its infamous "body chute."


  5. I guess I'm odd woman out. I'm sooooo not into Halloween and I swear if a kid knocks on my door during Sunday Night Football it is soooooooooo on. Dude, my family knows not to call when football is on so....begging children. NOT. I like scary movies to a degree (Poltergeists is one of my favs) but I just don't "DO" this one. I am the Scrooge of Halloween past present and future.

    I tried to be polite a few years back and wish the beggars’....I mean “Trick or Treaters” a safe and happy Halloween even though we do not participate in this activity. Know what I got – I got my sign/ well wishes ripped off my door. I don’t go knocking down Cinco De Mayo poster do I? Don't begrudge folks their Kwanzaa? You don't have to wish me a Merry Christmas (but you can) so don't let your kids with no manners or social graces decide to bother neighbors minding their own business about candy we need to go and buy for your kids. Next thing you know, there will be a day to go back around to your neighbors to help foot the dental bill for all this activity. And the kicker is someone will look down their nose at you for NOT giving their brats candy. Yeah.....don't let that be you. And NO I AM NOT A JEHOVAH WITNESS.

    Last year, I was tempted and almost put up a Dept of Health sign for H1N1 or some other contagious disease. What happened to if the lights out do not knock? Do kids not get the rules sheet passed around anymore? Now -- if I open my door and ask "What in 'THE' hell are you knocking on my door for" or "What do you want NOW", some parent is going to be pissed. Sass shea your tail up to my door if you want to but "BEWARE"!!! Do I care????.......not so much.

    Bah Humbug.

  6. love the little story pep and lakergirl, how you dislike halloween is a halloween story on its own! it made me giggle hihi

  7. Halloween! I love it, I live down the street from a graveyard so tonight all the ghosts come out to play. When I was younger we went trick-or-treating to houses around the graveyard because it was fun and the owners took great pleasure in scaring the hell out of us. Now it's my turn, but the kiddies don't trick-or-treat anymore.

  8. pep. please tell me that their is more to that story.

  9. Ok let me just say puking pumpkin rooocks!
    I have this story but I know that its not really scary but you might enjoy it.

    I went to bed one night creeped out by a movie I had watched, you may have heard of it it is the scariest movie ever made, call Dawn of the Dead.
    I went to bed shaking, thinking about neighborhood kids trying to bite me in the middle of hot sex, needless to say my husband did NOT get any that night. I fell asleep and started to dream.
    In my dream I was bound by something around my hands feet and waste,it was very corse and digging into my skin and I was naked. I tugged and tugged in the dark trying to find some weak spot to manipulate into releasing me when I suddenly felt the slither of someone elses skin on my foot.
    I deparately searched in the dark for a glimpse of what was there. I was to afraid to find my voice as I sensed movement up my side lightly grazing my skin. Whatever was touching my was cool slightly damp almost like a clammy hand. Unable to form full thoughts I whimpered trying to move my body away.
    I heard what sounded like teeth nashing together and a feral growl as suddenly I could see, and I wish to not be able to see again, slamming my eyes closed.
    HE was tall and naked with grayish skin, his features were small in his large face except for his mouth which dominated his whole face his lips were pulled back exposing sharp pointed teeth. His shoulders were broad and he was very skinny, ribs clearly defined. His penis was small and flacid poking out between his jutting hip bones.
    He leaned down close to my face and I could hear him inhale like he was smelling me. Suddenly he whispered very softly in my ear, "Pretty bitch".
    I thought I was being still before but I think my heart stopped when he whispered those two little words in my ear.
    Withough my permission my eyes cracked open and right in front of my face, there he was. I could feel his breath whispering along my skin. It smelled sickenily sweet like rotten fruit. He raised his hand an swept it across my chest above my breast tracing the line of both my collar bones. His gaze riveted on what his hand was doing he moved down and caressed my breast as a lover would, gently tweeking one nipple.
    I gasp then whimpered as he climbed over me straddling my hips and leaning foward. I felt encompassed in him. Everwhere I turned my head was his smell, rotten fruit. His body was cool and slightly moist, I was disgusted as he started rubbing his chest over me, grinding his hardening penis into my naked mound.
    He was moaning in my ear as suddenly his hardened penis jerked and spurted his semen on to me. One splashed on to my face. I jerked awake and reached for my cheek, there was a clear gooey substance on my cheek. I frantically wiped it away and glanced at my wrist there was bruising and and irritation on them and my ankles and waist but I was alone in bed.

  10. Wow Casey, that was probably scariest of all. A raping ghoul with rotting breath. You described it very clearly, almost making me seem as if I was there. Hell, I wanted to take a shower after reading that one!

  11. Thanks I have never written anything like that before, but it smacked me in the forehead and demanded to be told. I have to admit that I'm feeling slightly ackward about the story, and almost tossed the whole thing. I don't know how you do it time and again, its nerve racking!


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