Beth Jo Andersen's Snatched By Big Foot! Sneak peek.

After a disfiguring accident, Candace moves to the hollers of Kentucky to get away from the stares and looks of disgust and pity. After encountering a Big Foot creature watching her from the woods, Candace takes off running but twists her ankle. Big Foot has to decide whether to break the law that governs his clan by helping the hurt human...

When Candace opened her eyes she saw that she was in a dark and cool place. She sat up slowly. A cave. It was a big cave and although dark she could see clearly because light showed through areas in the twenty or twenty-five foot high ceiling. The room was huge with the feel of a monastery. Her entire house could fit in this one room.
Water trickled down areas of the wall to form small pools that flowed out of the cavern by some hidden passage. The way the sunlight reflected off the water created a soothing kaleidoscope of colors.
Candace saw that she had been lying on a wide ledge that was covered in soft spongy moss. She scrambled up and tried to drop the four feet to the floor before she remembered her leg. Crying out in pain she crumbled to the smooth stone floor before clamping a hand over her mouth to hold back her further cries of pain. But it was too late for that. She heard rustling coming from a bend in the cavern and Big Foot appeared.
His fur was wet and the longer hair on his head hung down in ringlets over his shoulders. For one moment, in the shadows, he looked like a man but once the rays of sun fell on him it was easy for Candace to see that the creature approaching her was not human. He was a Big Foot, Sasquatch, Yeti—whatever name one could use to describe this humanoid creature!
She pushed her way back until she was smashed into a corner of the sleeping ledge that she had dropped from. Terrified sounds issued from her even though she tried to hold them back.
Big Foot stopped when he was two or three feet from her.
“Please …” she begged while holding out her hands to ward him off.
Big Foot reached out a huge hand and he ran it down her wild hair. He rubbed a few strands between his fingers, his eyes steady. He seemed curious by its bright coppery color. It had dried into an unruly cloud that surrounded her face.
Whimpering, Candace froze amazed at the gentle way in which he touched her. His eyes met hers and once again she was struck by the intelligence that she saw there. His fingers were darker than the rest of his body and seemed rough and strong. He allowed the strands of her hair to fall from his fingers and then he reached out and traced one of the scars that ran across her face.
Candace flinched not because of him but because the scar so bothered her. He drew back, misunderstanding her movement and for some reason Candace felt sorry that she’d made him think it was about him.
She reached up and traced the scar and a few of the others that crisscrossed her face, and he watched her curiously. He touched his chest and she gave him a questioning look before realizing that he had a long thick scar that ran just above his left nipple.
A surprised gasp fell from her lips. Were … were they communicating?
BigFoot's Side Piece by Beth Jo Andersen
Mated To The Big Foot by Beth Jo Andersen



  1. Very interesting thought regarding the name change. It will take me some getting use to the Big Foot attraction, lol. But then again, if the character can be sexually attracted to Vampires and Elf's, why not.

    1. I like Big from these stories but I don't think the typical Sasquatch would be like him so I pass on Sasquatch loving. lol

  2. Hello Pepper Pace,
    While reading your post. Thinking to myself I can't read Big Foot romance, find the idea creepy. So I decided to read your preview. Wow!! this is a Pepper Pace stories but on a different level. This story remind me of Octavia Butler " Survivor" novel. Well done. Also I went to amazon createspace to buy Wheels of Steel book 4, but I couldn't find in paperback. Thank you Bain

    1. Thanks Bain, happy for your support. I will upload WOS 4 to paperback on Createspace

  3. I like monster stories and I enjoyed this sneak peek.

  4. Hi Pepper,
    As a true fan I support you writing in all genres to increase your following. You never know where your New Times Bestseller will come from. Exposure is all you need because you already have the talent. I purchase and review your writing to keep you supported. I am always available for a beta read if needed. Good luck as I head to amazon to order now. Tracey

    1. Thank you Tracey. I appreciate the support!


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